Sunday, January 21, 2007

same song, second verse

I tried, I really did. I started scrapping...actually, maybe I didn't. I just got on the computer, and then I decided to find some background paper to try out. I got started downloading paper, then it was page kits, then I found some great embellishments, and added some page "ploppers" and fonts for good measure...oi, by the time I was finished unzipping my files, it was the end of the afternoon and it was time to make dinner. Good grief!

Then I started reading the blogs I found about ex-Laestadians, and spent the rest of the evening on that. It makes me tired to rerun all of that through my brain again. I am no theologian, nor do I consider myself any type of expert on the Bible. However, I think it is a complete waste of time, knowledge, and energy to throw scripture back and forth at each other if our goal is to prove how right we are or how wrong the other person is. We need to immerse ourselves in scripture in search of truth--the truth God has for us. I find that I just have to keep my eyes on Jesus and remember that He has already done it all for me. I just need to accept His gift for me. I have found so much peace in Him.

Another day gone by, another day without scrapping...we'll see what this week brings.

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