Thursday, February 22, 2007

did God laugh after he made cats?

Cats are one of the funniest animals I have ever seen! My cat Franklin is like a little mischievious leprechaun child. He is fascinated with boxes. No, make that obsessed with boxes. The minute you bring a box in the house, he must investigate it.

If you empty a box of its contents, he has to check it out to see if he'll fit into it. If it is a tall upright box, he has to jump up and into it. It's funniest when the box is just a little too small for him to fit into, because he'll squoosh himself into it anyway. Then he'll sit there as proud as can be, with half of his body overflowing the box, just to sit there as if to say, "Have fur, will conquer."

He turns into a raving lunatic for the milk left in the bottom of my cereal bowl. He knows immediately if I am eating cereal with milk. He'll just silently show up at my feet as soon as I pour the milk into the cereal bowl. He sits at my feet until I get down to the bottom of the bowl. When there is just a little milk left (I don't know how he knows, but he does), he goes crazy. He stretches himself up on his back feet, reaches his front feet up to my arm, and paws me until I get the hint that he would like some of it. If I stand up, he instantly starts prancing around my feet, and dances in front of me trying to lead me to his bowl, purring madly.

Another peculiar thing about him is that he likes to sit on top of people's heads and/or shoulders. If I am standing by the back door watching the dogs outside so I don't get sidetracked and forget to let them in from the cold, Frankie will jump up on the dryer next to the back door and proceed to leap up onto the back of my neck, settling himself down onto my shoulders. If I move wrong, he panics because he thinks he is falling, and he will DIG HIS CLAWS into my neck somewhere.

He was up on Erica's head last night.

Notice how she immediately leaned over so that Franklin would just settle down and lay still on her without clawing her.

Franklin is an instigator. He loves to stir the pot with Tucker, the other cat who lives here. He will keep doing this "hit and run" manuever on Tucker until Tucker gets fed up and takes off after him. Can you tell that they are brothers? They leap at each other's necks, trying to do these tackle and take-down moves. They're pretty fat and sassy now, and during the day they are lazy.

But at night, after everyone is in bed and the house is quiet, suddenly I can hear this quick barrage of thudding feet and a couple of heavy thumps. Silence for a moment, and I hear it again. If I walk out into the hallway to see what they are up to, they will stop dead in their tracks and look past me with this innocent gaze, as if they were just wondering where they should lay down to take their next nap. It's a riot. After I go back into the bedroom, the party starts all over again. Franklin will stalk Tucker as if his life depended on it.

I love my cats, and don't tell Tucker, but Franklin is my favorite cat. He is the first one to come and snuggle with me early in the morning when I sit out on the couch with my coffee. When I am typing like a crazy woman on the computer, he is the one who tries his best to distract me by jumping into places where he knows he shouldn't be going. He knows I'll get up and chase him. Then he'll lay down on the floor in front of me and roll over onto his back, as if telling me, "Come and play! Life is short! Have fun!"

God has to have a sense of humor: he created cats!


d.t.x. said...

I love your cats also. Everytime I come over Tucker is like a leach. He comes and stands by my feet and purrs and waits for the purr-fect time to jump in my lap. My cats are funny also. I have a cat named Charli who is the queen of sassiness and a cat named BoomBoom who is a fat, scaredy cat. This morning BoomBoom was on ten racing around the house and I was walking out of my bedroom and he slammed right into my leg. Poor guy. I had to laugh though after I found out if he was OK though. I want more cats, I love them.

daisyaday said...

LOL! That is a great description for a cat: the Queen of Sassiness. I think that is in their job description. Oh, wait. They don't need jobs; they have us to wait on them.