Wednesday, February 14, 2007

it's valentine's day, and i don't care...

Does anyone else think that Valentine's Day is way too overrated? I like getting flowers as much as the next gal, but for some reason, I absolutely don't like getting them because someone designated this to be the day for giving gifts "just because." This year the card/candy/flower industries are expected to sell 13.7 BILLION DOLLARS worth of merchandise. I have a problem with that.

It should not (and it doesn't) take a commercial holiday for my honey to express his love for me. I find it a bit canned for my taste. Okay, everybody say all together now, "Happy Val-en-tine's Day." Don't for-get the flow-ers. I would rather have one spontaneous gift of flowers from my honey than have him predictably buy the standard chocolates and dozen roses on the day when he is "supposed" to buy them. How meaningful is that? Maybe I'm weird, because I hear about lots of people getting upset because they felt forgotten or slighted today, but it's not an issue for me.

We were at our Financial Peace University class at church tonight, and people were talking about what they did (or didn't do) for Valentine's Day, and my honey said, "Every day is like Valentine's Day with my wife in my life." How sweet is that? Life just gets better every year.

Don't get me wrong--I'm not against others buying and receiving gifts. I just don't have a personal attachment to it myself. Hope your happy heart day was actually happy!


Norah said...

We talked about this and decided it wasn't about $$$ gifts any more at this point in life. Just having a pleasant day together means a lot!

D.T.X. said...

I think it is over rated also, I think the little gifts I get from my husband should be spontaneous also. I like the gift I got yesterday from my husband. A homemade dinner and he cleaned the trash out of my car. But again I get the joy of having him cook everyday.

daisyaday said...

Ditto. The extravagant romantic statements don't mean as much as the everyday pleasures of sharing your life with the right person.

Faith said...

Darn it, I don't think my post went through. If it did, sorry, you'll have to read twice!

I agree with the overrating Valentines Day. We did end up going out for dinner last night. I made my husband a homemade Valentines card.

Romance is this to me:

My husband starting my car in the morning.

He warms up my side of the bed sometimes before I get in. I'll be brushing my teeth and look over, here he is lying on my side of the bed with a grin on his face. So cute!

Little love notes or emails I get.

Coming home to a house that has been cleaned by him!

Getting my toothbrush ready, he sometimes puts the toothpaste on it and lays it on the counter. And then puts my face wash and washcloth there to.

The little things mean so much! I don't care about expensive jewelry or flowers (they are nice though when you get them Just Because!). I would rather have the little things he does that makes me feel special. Hes so thoughtful! I thank God that he gave me such a great husband! He is so excited to have kids. We aren't going to start trying until this fall. Well I came home one day to him painting, he got most of it done and ran out of paint. How cute! Than last night, he had the free crib we had gotten all set up. He covered my eyes and led me into the room. Brought me to the crib and then told me to look. Here he had put a little doll in the crib! So cute!! What a honey. He's going to be such of a great daddy. I just can't wait to see him with our children. have such a loving husband is so great.

Faith said...

Oh, he was painting the nursery!

D.T.X. said...

Somebody's birthday is tomorrow.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

I agree!

Thanks for the encouraging comment about parenting on my WW post!

daisyaday said...

Aaaaww, you guys are lucky, too.

A man who cooks and/or cleans is worth his weight in gold. And a man who does those little things for you is much easier to forgive when you get mad at him. :)

Romance is also when my husband plants a huge perennial garden for me so I can have flowers from him every day (in the summer).

okay, d.t.x, that's...interesting. why do you say that?

D.T.X. said...

Do you know what d.t.x. stands for? Think long and hard...Hee Hee.