Saturday, February 24, 2007

a perfect mess

Wow! I've found the perfect book for me. I'll tell you the subtitle first: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder. How crammed closets, cluttered offices, and on-the-fly planning make the world a better place. JUADLOL! Yes! (That was Jumping Up And Down, Laughing Out Loud, by the way.)

From the description of the book, A Perfect Mess, comes this quote, "Word of an unexpected visitor might trigger a frenzy of highly efficient straightening out that transports the loose clothes from the floor and into the closet, sends a week's worth of scattered newspapers into a bin and gets the dishes into the sink -- leaving a home perfectly presentable even after weeks of relative neglect." Ha!

This one is more like me, "A large heap of items crammed helter-skelter into a drawer, filing cabinet, closet, attic, under a bed or even behind a couch, needn't be dysfunctional, as long as the more important items tend to remain accessible at the top or outermost layer. That tends to happen naturally, as the oft-retrieved items don't sit around long enough to get buried deeply." I think he's been sneaking peeks at my Black Hole.

Oooh! Even better is this one, "Some people set aside one section of the kitchen counter, one bedroom closet, a few shelves in a den or a desk in an office as a sort of mess sink, which removes the pressure of straightening out an entire room. In the same way, messy bulletin boards and refrigerator surfaces can keep the rest of a kitchen free of mail, children's drawings and other paper mess." I like that! That's my whole bedroom sometimes. A mess sink. At its worst, I have to crawl over the bed to get to my side because there is no room to walk around. Currently, though, I have sufficient room to walk around the bed, past my two and a half basketfuls of clutter. It's verrry sneaky. I realized that it has gone back up from my record low of one and a half basketfuls. I'd better address that today.

Hey, twin! Are you listening? They wrote this for us! :) We're okay! Well, actually, twin, I've always known you were okay; I just wondered about me.

I have to get the book. I'll keep you posted as I read. I'm so inspired, I think I'll have to clean up the kitchen!

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