Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Poor Otis...

Otis is a needy, nervous dog. He is a black German shorthair mix, about the size of a Black Lab--in fact he is probably mixed with Black Lab. Otis thinks his name is Franklin, Tucker, Augie, Xavier, fact, any name you say with happiness in your voice translates to his name in his ears. He has the ability to hear you talking to one of the other pets from the other end of the house, and he will be next to you in 1.001 seconds, wagging his tail and pushing his head under your hand, just begging for attention. It is effective the first three or four times he ever does it to you, but after that, he just looks pathetic. He is so meek and mild, and yet he can be so annoying. I think he may have slight brain damage...maybe some kind of a canine personality disorder. Are there such things as codependent dogs? I think we have one.

He must go outside at least 26 times each day. That is no joke. He has to go out when I get up. Then he has to go back out after Augie goes out. Then he has to go out each time someone else in the house gets up. Then he always wants to go out before I head out the door to work. While I'm gone to work, he goes out many more times, and even if the kids have let him back inside just before I get home, he will want to go out again immediately! I get my exercise each day walking back and forth, letting him outside. And at night, if he smells a skunk outside?? He is unbearable. Actually he doesn't even have to be outside. We do not have an airtight house by any means, so he can smell them very well when he is inside. He will bark repeatedly, racing around the house and panting like he's just finished a 10K run. Because he smells a SKUNK! He's deranged.

He acts like he is as dumb as a box of rocks, but he is not! One winter night when it was very cold, our bedroom was pretty chilly. My honey was almost asleep when he felt the blanket twitch ever so slightly. He lay still, trying to figure out what it was. He felt it again. He didn't move--he just waited again. The next thing he felt was the entire blanket whisking off of him onto the floor in one smooth "whoosh"! He looked over on the floor, and there was Otis, curled up with his eyes shut already with the blanket laying on top of him! I woke up hearing my honey laughing at him. He is not dumb.

Well, no one wants to pet poor Otis right now. He is growing a humongous bump on the bridge of his nose (if dogs have bridges on their noses). It started about two weeks ago, and it looked like a little tiny bug bite. It is now the size of a shooter marble, and the skin is crunchy and hard on the top, like his nose where it was frostbitten many years ago before we owned him. I am half amazed and half horrified as I watch it get bigger every day. We are bringing him in to the vet. I hope it isn't cancer. Poor Otis.

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