Monday, February 19, 2007

a road trip with God

Faith said, "He has a plan for all of us! We don't go through experiences for nothing. There is a greater purpose. He has a reason for everything!" Her comment triggered a reminder of something I had journaled about in the past:

Trusting God to know the bigger picture is like you taking your children on a road trip. Just imagine...

You know about how long you will be driving, about how often you will be stopping for gas, which roads and turns you need to take, and you understand that there will be long stretches of driving between your stops.

Your children, on the other hand, keep asking you how much longer it will be. They don't understand the big picture. The most familiar question you hear is, "Are we there yet?" They have a completely different perspective.

Well, God has a bigger perspective on our problems than we do. He knows what He is going to do in our lives already. We have to live on faith, however, because we don't have that perspective. We have to trust in His goodness, and surrender our wants to His will.

That is NOT always an easy thing to do, but fortunately, we have His word so we can get to know His character, and know that He is good. He loves us passionately, and is even more devoted to us than we are to our own children. Through His word, He gives us the gift of hope. With hope, we can hang on till we get there! Sometimes our own families do not support or love us the way we need to be loved, but we can take comfort in the knowledge that God is walking with us, loving us, cherishing us, delighting in our love for Him, and directing our ways.

How is your road trip going today?

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Faith said...

I love what you said here. Sometimes we lose sight of the big picture and I have to remind myself to quit worrying, God will take care of things. He always knows what is best for us.

I love Carrie Underwoods song, Jesus Take the Wheel. Great reminder to let God be in charge of your life, ask him to steer!

God does love us. I have to remind myself all the time. He loves me! No one else has died for me, for my sins. What an awesome thing he did for us. And so many blessings that I have had from him! I am blessed. He loves us no matter what, the sinners that we are. He has done so much in my life, its just amazing.