Thursday, February 8, 2007

simple pleasures

1. Waking up on a snowy morning and not having to get out of bed to go anywhere

2. Being at home when the kids are there and getting to hear about something funny that happened to them that day

3. Having a fresh cup of coffee about an hour before anyone else has to get out of bed

4. Picking up the latest Karen Kingsbury book at the library that I've been waiting for six weeks to get

5. Going home and actually having time to start reading it!

6. Paying bills and having enough money left over to go out to eat on our date night (usually Friday nights)

7. Going down to the Conservatory in St. Paul with my honey to sit in the delightfully tropical-feeling gardens in the middle of winter to take pictures of flowers

8. Finding an awesome passage in the Bible that God uses to speak to me about a current situation in my life

9. Waking up on a spring Saturday morning and hearing the trills from dozens of cedar waxwings in our trees as they are migrating north for the summer

10. Spending time with my friend Beth, because she makes me laugh till my sides hurt


Faith said...

I have never read Karen Kingsbury. She must be good. Because after I saw that you read her, I looked for it at the library and they are all out! I am always looking for new authors. Have you read the Amish books? I can't think of the author right now. They are good. There are several different series. Some better than others.

daisyaday said...

I have read some of those. They are eerily familiar, but some of the stories are good. I've also read a few by Jodi Piccoult, but hers are pretty intense. I can only read one every three or four months or so.

Norah said...

Daisy, I love this list of simple pleasures.. they would make my list too, if I was that mentally collected to actually make up a list lol...

you are a kindred spirit, along w/our Faith :-)

Have a great day!

Norah said...


You wrote that you love scrapbooking but so far have mostly just collected things you need.. I've done exactly the same thing! Keep waiting for the 'inspiration' to actually sit down and start going through years of photos and deciding which ones to use seems to be the part I can't get past...

anyway, I'm going to check out (actually, read about) the book you recommended on your main page.. some day you and I will get to it, Lord willing :-)

daisyaday said...

Hi Norah,

I get so much enjoyment out of the supplies--I am easily and endlessly amused by trying them out and putting them in containers. I want you to know, though, that once you start, you will go through withdrawal when you stop. Kind of like blogging.

I went to the once a month Friday night scrapbooking get-together that our church was doing, and I would drag all my supplies with me. I would spend the evening either organizing supplies or organizing pictures. It became a standing joke after a while with my kids. They would come with and get pages done...I just kept playing with my toys.

When you have eleven kids to scrap about, it takes some time, you know. It was easier to think about putting stuff in order than it was to think about how to get all of that done. LOL.

But I have probably 90% of my pictures organized now. I'll be clipping right along, just as soon as I find the time to work on it again. I tend to like the scrapping retreats, because you can take your stuff out for the whole weekend and not have to put it away each time you're done for the day. So maybe this spring I'll go on one and get some more pages done.