Monday, February 26, 2007

the snow fairy

Winter in Minnesota can present some serious challenges. If you follow the weather news, you probably know that Minnesota got dumped on with snow this weekend. Or maybe you live here too, and you were one of the ones out shoveling most of the day Sunday.

One of our boys did some snowblowing in our driveway late Saturday night, and I was glad he did, because the first challenge I faced was getting my son to work on Sunday. The snowplow had not come down our street since early Saturday evening, and we were dragging the bottom of the car both in the driveway and on our street early Sunday morning.

My son was driving, and I make a lousy passenger in bad weather. I was spazzing out most of the eight miles it took to get him to work. I was back-seat driving big time! "Waaahhh! Look out for that car!" "They're stopping up there at the light--you're going to slide right into the back of them." My foot nearly wore a hole in the carpet on the passenger's side floor as I repeatedly searched for that extra brake pedal that they should install in every car (for parents of teenage drivers). "This entire road is glare ice! Why are you driving like a maniac? Slow down!" (He was going 30 mph.) "Why are you changing lanes? You're going to slide right in the ditch!" Poor guy. He was probably never so glad to get to work. He was looking at me as if I had grown an extra head or something. He's only been driving for oh, three or four years already, but I acted as if this was his first day behind the wheel.

Going home was fine. I was in control, you see, and suddenly, the roads were not so bad...

I got to our street, slogged down through the drifts to our driveway, piled into the driveway, slid into my spot, and heaved a huge sigh of relief. Another winter expedition completed safely.

The next challenge for the day was ... THE DRIVEWAY! We have a gravel driveway, about 160 ft long. Fortunately we have a snowblower, but it's still seems to be a several hour project to clear the snow. It used to take two days to shovel a heavy snowfall BSB. (Before Snow Blower)

I took a little nap to rest up for the project. This was my day to learn to use the snowblower. I postponed it as long as I could, doing important things first, like washing a few dishes, making a fresh pot of coffee, washing the bathroom mirror, reorganizing the bathroom closet, until finally, I just had to go outside to do it. I was feeling like a slacker. I could hear snowblowers going all over the neighborhood.

I got dressed in my snow outfit, which consisted of thick socks, big bulky boots, two sweatshirts, my wool coat, my snood (scarf/hood), and my thick fleecy gloves. I went out to do my part for the family. Does this sound like a Marines commercial yet? Do your part -- shovel the driveway. Do it for the family.

Okay, anyway, we went out to brave the elements and discovered....that the snow fairy had come to our house!! I looked at the end of the driveway and it had been cleared of snow! I wondered if I was still dreaming back in my bed. You know, like the mornings where I dream six times that I'm getting out of bed to get ready for work, and then, I really wake up and have to do it all over again. No! I pinched myself, and the snow was still gone! Our good friend had come over with his Bobcat while I was whiling my morning away, and he had tagged us with a random act of kindness! Now, if I could only coax the dish fairy and the dust fairy to come pay me a visit, my happiness would be complete!


Faith said...

Hey, I'm back. I had to sign in a different way. What a kind snow fairy. My husband is like that. We have a plow on our lawn mower we use for the driveway, and he'll go do some of the neighbors too. He has a good heart. When winter comes, hes so funny. He gets the lawn mower all ready, and then is itching for it to snow so he can plow! Men, they are funny. They love their little "toys".
We got a big ice storm last weekend. Lost power for 14 hours. We have a gas fireplace, so at least we have some heat. Alot of people still don't have power. There were thousands of electrical poles that fell down. So its taking time. We are supposed to get another storm today. Oh boy! You don't realize how much you rely on water and electricity until its gone. I'd go into a room and flip on the light switch, oh yah, no power. DUH! I washed some dishes and was very sparing on the water we bought and I used 2 gallons!

The trees are so pretty though with all the ice on them. Unfortunately it broke alot of branches off.

I'd like to see a dish and dust fairy too! Although sometimes I do see him. I get home from work and my house is clean! Good hubby, good hubby!! haha

daisyaday said...

You probably got hit by the same storm as we did. I heard that the one coming in this afternoon is going to be bad, too.

Hope things go well for you--do you have heat now, I hope?

Stay safe and warm...