Friday, February 16, 2007

why count your losses?

For my birthday, I do not have the same feelings as I do about Valentine's Day, because I willingly take all gifts on my birthday. I think I want CDs. I'm a music junkie. I have two picked out already. Of course there are also scrapbook stores--I can buy many more supplies and things to put them in. Things, and things to put the things in. Okay, that was eloquent! LOL.

I get to celebrate yet another birthday, but instead of mourning how much of my youth I have lost, I choose to look at all the things I have gained. I have more wisdom than I did one year ago. I have more peace. I have more friends. I have more knowledge. I have a better job. I have more grandbabies. Woohoo!! I love my babies. My kids have grown up more than they were a year ago.

I don't beat myself up as much about who I am as I used to. I can look at my cluttery ways and my forgetful brain and laugh. It isn't the end of the world if there are receipts and papers stacked up by the computer. My day will go on, even though my living room curtains (curtains-to-be, actually) have been sitting on the table in the living room, puddled in a heap with the pattern for them folded up inside of the fabric. I kept up on the house (and actually enjoyed it!) when I was home over Christmas break, but when I'm working full time hours, it is okay if I don't empty the full trash can in the living room for two weeks. If I vacuum once a week instead of twice or three times--so be it. Life goes on.

Okay, I have let the big dog out and back in for the last time this morning. I'm absolutely sure that he would go out four more times if I would let him. Do some dogs just have weak plumbing systems? We are trying to keep him on the recommended diet that the dog food bag says, which is only one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening, but I swear he goes out and does his business at LEAST eight times each day, and most of those seem to fall around the time I want to get to bed. Or blog more. AND, anytime the little dog goes out, the big dog has to go back out right behind him and mark any spot where the little dog went. He doesn't have much say-so in the house, so I guess maybe that is his only way to get back at him. I can't let them out together, because the big dog won't wait for the little dog to be done before he goes on the same spot. As soon as he can tell that the little dog is going, he runs over there and goes right on top of the little dog! Yukkkk! The little one was getting LOTS of baths until I finally figured out that they just had to go out separately! Keep your "duhs" to yourself.

Having a wonderful day! Hope you all do too!


Faith said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Daisy, Happy Birthday to you. Hope you had a great birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Twin,

Happy belated birthday! I'm sorry I missed it:(

I hope you got some new music and lots of hugs and smiles.

The Other One

daisyaday said...

My twin was here! My twin was here! Thanks Faith! Thanks Twin!

I had a great birthday! Every year is a gift.