Thursday, March 15, 2007

augie the trickster

We were sitting in the living room last night, finishing watching American Idol...Dee, the X-boy, me and the big dog Otis were all on the couch. The little dog, Augie, kept trying to jump up on my lap. He finally got up there through sheer determination, and he started licking my face. He never does that unless he desperately wants water, or he's ready to do the potty dance by the door.

So, of course, I asked him the question: Do you have to go outside?

Immediately, the big dog, Otis, jumped down from his corner of the couch and headed for the door, just like he always does when he hears those magic words. He started doing the bouncy dance. Oooh! Yes! Yes I have to go! Yes! Me! Yes! Me!

The little trickster immediately shot up on the couch where the big dog had been laying and curled up with a smirky little attitude. Oh, yeah. Who's in the comfy spot, now? He is such a stinker!

Speaking of American Idol, what's up with Sanjaya??! Who is his fan base? Are they tone deaf? Of course, he was in the bottom three, but I thought FOR SURE he would be gone! I didn't think Brandon deserved to go yet. I would have sent Sanjaya, then Haley, even though she was honest and cute about messing up the words. She has a nice voice, but doesn't have the nerves of steel I think you need to make it. And I was impressed with Blake Lewis' version of "You Keep Me Hangin' On." Neat contemporary flavor. I'd love to see him get to the top three, but I'm betting (hoping) Malinda and Lakisha are left when it gets down to the top two. Any thoughts?

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