Monday, March 12, 2007

babies, babies, babies

It was a weekend full of babies--how fun!

First on the agenda was a baby shower on Saturday for one of the new grandbabies. I stress out so much when I help host these, that I always say, "Never again!" Yet somehow, there I was again. But it worked out fine, and now it's over! Little man has gained almost two pounds in the last 6 weeks or so, and he is growing like a weed.

Last night I got to see the other new grandbaby for the first time in person, and she is adorable. So petite and dainty, and she was gooing and cooing at me to beat the band. Oh, my goodness, I fell in love all over again.

What is it about babies that makes us so mushy over them? I think it could be the potential and the possibilities that they hold. In them is the promise of the future. Maybe it's their innocence. Or maybe it's just because they are so darn cute! And when they are brand new, they just cuddle, eat and sleep. (Don't write to me and tell me they cry--I have deleted those memories out of my hard drive!) You see, Gramma gets to hold them and spoil them, and it's pure enjoyment. The work on my end is minimal, and the pleasure is maximized.

I paid my dues already in the mother's club. I'm cashing in on the dividends in the gramma's club.


d.t.x. said...

Lucky Duck

daisyaday said...

Oh, I know! I am very lucky to see my grandbabies. And I love every one of them to pieces.

See, that's the thing. I have nothing against having lots of babies. I love babies! I just don't think that we should have to have them based on someone else's rules or timetables.

I am perfectly okay with being able to decide how many and how far apart I want my children. Having said that, I would never give up a single one that I have had!

I am probably still perfectly able to have a child. I just choose not to. Of course, God always has the last word, and I could be eating my words someday. But, until then, I am babe-less!