Thursday, March 22, 2007

a croc by any other name...

I am a shoe fanatic. I love looking at them, I love to buy them, and I especially love wearing them. My criteria have changed, however. I used to take any shoes that I could get my feet into that I thought were cute. Now, they HAVE to be comfortable. I'd like to be a typical librarian person when I'm old, wearing those oh, so sensible shoes to work every day of the week. BUT, they will be cute.

My latest obsessions are Crocs. These are the lovely, soft, light-as-a-feather clogs that are made out of a material called PCCR. Supposedly it eliminates odor and discourages your feet from sweating. So their website says. (I wonder how they discourage my feet from they threaten them with a fungus?) Nonetheless, they are extremely comfy. And they fall into the same category as a Volkswagen Bug: they're so homely that they're adorably cute. I have a beige (knock-off) pair that I have worn so often that I have nearly worn holes through the soles. Their website says: Crocodiles are tough and strong, with no natural predators and are as comfortable on land as they are in the water. With this in mind, then the shoe company's owners thought Crocs was a pretty apt title for such an amazing bit of footwear.

An amazing bit of footwear." It's not the greatest marketing line, but I'm still impressed with the shoes. Impressed enough that I am going to check out the many colors of Crocs available at a nearby sporting goods store, a type of store that I usually try to avoid like the plague. This sporting goods store has them on sale. I like to shop, but there are a few types of stores I go out of my way to stay away from: sporting goods stores, hardware stores, the tool section at Sears, and big home improvement stores like Lowe's or Home Depot. I develop a peevish attitude the minute we walk into those stores. "Are we done, yet? Can we go home already?" "Do you have to look at those? We're probably not going to buy any of them today, anyway." I go from zero to whiny in sixty seconds.

Now I am the person who can shop for an hour for a fun office supply item like a rubber FAX stamp (just like my twin! LOL), and I will spend another hour debating and deciding which is the best choice. I won't even notice that I've been shopping so long that my children have passed out on the benches waiting for me to finish.

So, it should be interesting to combine a trip to the sporting goods store (yuk) with a trip to look at shoes (oh, the very best!) I think there will be a war where I'll be fighting off a contentious attitude, yet be totally intrigued. It could be a long standoff. Maybe it will all be too much for me, and I'll be the one passed out on the bench, with two pair of Crocs on my lap and a smile on my face!

Aren't they beee-yew-tiful??!


sunnyspot said...

Hallmark in Elk River has them also - the official brand. With a gift card from Christmas, I just bought a pastel pair kind of aqua pastel! I can't wait to wear them! They are the best. I get teased for wearing them, by my more fashionable friends, but I don't care! My back doesn't hurt anymore when I wear them. By the way, the winter crocs - without holes - do make your feet sweat.

Norah said...

That nearby sporting goods store wouldn't be the big one starting with a C, would it? ;-)

I've looked at Crocs but haven't tried them yet.. but I do wear "Crocy-like", comfortable shoes and slides cuz that's all I can handle these days.

If the feet ain't happy, the rest of me ain't happy!

daisyaday said...

Actually it was Dick's Sporting Goods...but I hear on good authority that the ones at Payless are comfortable as well. My other pair is made by Bare Traps, and they are even squishier. I think I prefer the way they feel, but they don't come in all the fun colors!

daisyaday said...

I'll have to check out the Hallmark, sunnyspot...after I started wearing these, my feet didn't hurt anymore. I agree with you, norah. If the feet aren't working, everything else follows.

sunnyspot said...

Authentic namebrand "crocs" are licensed so they can't go on sale. But I had heard also that Payless ones are comfortable also. I know someone from our church that has them.

But the colors are what makes them fun!