Thursday, March 15, 2007

garden dreamin'

(It's almost impossible to get any writing done today.)
March always makes me look forward to my garden coming up. I know it's early, because we almost always get dumped on at the end of the month with a ton of snow.
(The little dog is barking at me. He wants to go outside.)
I looked through some garden catalogs today and practically drooled over the immaculate pictures of the oh-so-perfect flowers.
(The little dog wants in. The big dog wants out. I feel like a greeter. Hello, goodbye, hello again.)
The Christmas Roses always entice me. The blossoms are spectacular, and apparently they can be grown in virtually any state. How versatile!
(The big dog is barking outside...he wants in.)
I didn't realize they came in so many colors.
(The little dog is scratching at his empty food dish. The girls disappeared into their room. I guess I get to feed him. The big dog was hovering over him. I made him lay on the couch to wait for his turn to eat.)
The Christmas Roses (hellebores) are early bloomers. Earlier than early spring. More like late winter. I only have a few flowers that bloom in the early spring. There are puschkinias, crocuses, and some early blooming tulips. I wonder what they look like the rest of the year. I'm thinking of buying some this year.
(Now the little dog is done eating and the big dog wants food.)
(My child is shouting for me... ...she wants me to wake her up early in the morning. Ha! The only thing that happens is that I get up earlier than normal, and she stays sleeping until her normal time because she keeps going back to sleep.)
(My other child came out to sit and talk to me. I think the only time people want to talk to me is when I am on the computer. He reminded me that we have to leave an hour early in the morning.)
(The cat keeps jumping up on the desk. I grabbed the squirt bottle to fend him off. I knocked over my bottle of Diet Pepsi. The animals all ran in the other room when I shouted.)
Back to the keyboard. Where was I? Hellebores.
(Oh great. The big dog drank half the bowl of water and is barking at the door. I think he is going to throw up. Outside with him.)
(The little dog is barking at the bedroom door--he's ready for bed. In comes the big dog. Forget it. I'm going to brush my teeth and I'm going to bed to dream of hellebores.)
Good night.


Ann said...

We have a big dog...a chocolate lab...I so understand in/out with the dog. We ridiculously taught him how to ring a cowbell when he wants to go out...nothing like the sound of dog claws on the wood floor approaching the sliding door and then clang, clang!

daisyaday said...

That is great! It's almost like teaching him sign language. You should video him doing would be hysterical. I bet it made you jump sometimes when he first started doing that.