Wednesday, March 14, 2007

grand intentions are not enough

Oh, goodness. I would never put pictures of my desk out in the public view (or the inside of any part of my house, for that matter), but I checked out a book about clutter that is published by the Clean Sweep show, and I swear, they've been in my house when I wasn't looking! Ouch! It looks way worse when you see it in a book! Oh, wait! That just means there are more people like me. Oh, poor them.

I've just realized today...grand intentions and clean sweeps count for naught in the big scheme of things!

The real magic is in the everyday follow-through. What fun is that, can I ask? Two (or was it three) measly weeks ago when I had a four-day weekend, I cleaned the living room and dining room, reorganized the area by the front door, cleaned off the desk, and it looked wonderful! I adapted a tip from sunnyspot and even started a new box for the daily mail so it could be sorted from there. At least the mail would all get put in one central place, right? Did that happen? Oh, my, my! Definitely NOT!

I just cleaned out the new mail box, and there was a whole lot more than just mail in there. I found a hand towel, some scrapbook paper, a NewHome Tour magazine, receipts to be filed, a Pachinko game manual (for my son, who came and left three days ago), a cookbook, an antique scarf and handkerchief, two living wills waiting to be filled out (I got them four years ago), a used check register from last September, a daily devotion book, two CDs, and finally, a small pile of mail in the bottom of the box! Ai-yi-yi!

I'm afraid to ask where the mail has gone between the time the last pile was put in there and today. What is up with that? And where did this stuff come from? This box was empty three weeks ago!!! It's kind of like the stuff that gets washed up on the shore when the tide comes in!

(Wowza! I almost burned dinner because I got sidetracked writing here! A near miss! And I only got on the computer to find a recipe. Talk about going off on a tangent.)

Clean sweeps offer temporary victory, but I have to do the daily nitty-gritty pick up, which I hate! It seems so small and meaningless. It's BORING!!! But the peace of mind that goes along with it is just as proportionately amazing. One of life's little ironies, I guess.

So I'm going to try an experiment. Habits are built, not born, so I'm going to give it the old one-two. I'm planning another clean sweep for this weekend. I am going to budget some time each day at the end of the day after that just to pick up and put away the flotsam and jetsam that mysteriously piles up on every single horizontal surface in my house. Fifteen minutes, max, each night. I'm going to commit to this for three weeks. You can build a habit in three weeks, so they say.

We'll see. I guess if I can brush my teeth every single night without fail, I can pick up a few misplaced frim-frams and toss them in the appropriate bedroom for their owners to put away. (Okay, if my black hole starts growing again, I'll know that the mess-maker is me! But if it is, oh, shoot! Then I won't be able to blame anyone else for my mess.) Groan...

Then again, a dumpster, come spring, is looking pretty good!

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