Tuesday, March 6, 2007

half empty or half full? or how to discourage insurance salesmen

Oh, how lovely. The other car broke down today. It seems like ever since we have gotten our tax return, everything we own has broken down or needed to be fixed. Our tax return has dwindled down to nothing. Okay, so do we look at this as a punishment? -- "Every time we have money set aside, we end up having to spend it on things that break. We're jinxed!" Or, do we look at it from the perspective of, "Every time things break down, we have the money to fix them. It's great!" Is the glass half empty, or is it half full? It's all in the perspective, isn't it?

This flurry of repairs and replacements includes fixing our van, to the tune of several hundred dollars. The green car needed tires. Another $500. The dryer had to be replaced with a brand new one because the old one had developed this bad habit of scorching our favorite clothes. $400. Socks and anything with a string on it were the worst. They would get caught between the drum and the outside of the dryer, and just stay stuck in there, toasting to an unlovely shade of dark brown. Most of the time, a small hole would burn into the fabric of whatever was stuck in there. I had visions of the dryer starting on fire like the last one did. No kidding. We had to shut the power off and have the boys quickly slide it out the side door. Once it was disconnected from the electricity, it stopped smoldering. That was a close call.

I think this house is just an accident-prone zone. So many crazy things have happened here. I still laugh when I remember a summer day when the kids were little...some insurance salesmen came to the house. I was sitting outside with the kids, and they sat down to try to sell me some accident insurance of some sort. They were talking away, just bla-bla-bla, and one of the kids fell down and skinned his knee wide open, so I had to take a break from talking for a bit to patch up the child. I went back to talking to them, and another one of the kids fell off their bike. Another break, this time for ice packs and a washcloth.

We kept talking. The back door burst open suddenly and one of the kids shouted that the microwave was on fire--something had exploded in there. I had to excuse myself once again. When I came back outside, they had packed up their things, and they beat a hasty retreat out of the driveway. We hadn't even gotten around to discussing my black hole and the missing animal situation of the day. I think they had reconsidered their offer! That'll teach them to mess with impending disaster.

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Faith said...

I think the salesman was thinking, theres no way I'm offering this lady insurance. What a disaster zone, haha! Thats hilarious.

I know what you mean about thinkings that need fixing. Seems like so often we think were going to actually get ahead, then bam, we need to use the money to fix something. Then I am grateful, because what if we didn't have the extra money to fix stuff. I think God gives us what we need for each day and I am just so grateful!