Friday, March 2, 2007

how to survive a snow day

Today was an honest-to-goodness snow day. I found out yesterday already that my work was closed, the kids' schools were closed, and everyone would be home almost all day. Normally, I imagine that I would love to be at home again, instead of working full time as I do now, so I was anticipating this day with excitement.

I could bake lovely things for the children, be there to listen to their stories about their friends, watch them outside as they played together in the snow, have supper ready when they came back inside, stomping the wet snow off themselves as they came in the door. In my mind, the children would take their wet clothes, run them back to the dryer, toss them in, and then go back and put their clothes away when they are dry. They would play board games together while dinner was cooking and their clothes were drying. And they would accomplish this without fighting and bickering with each other.

Oohhhh, what fantasies a feeble mind can weave! It was so far from reality. Somehow I forgot that the kids are not in elementary school anymore, and they are much more interested in stirring the pot and teasing each other than they are in playing in the snow. It was like a whole new experience, let me tell you.

So. I have five snow day survival tips for mothers with older children.

1. Plan ahead. Have barricades prepared for yourself that can hold the bedroom door shut in case you need to retreat.

2. Divide and conquer. Enlist your spouse's help, and stick together! You are outnumbered. Your children will naturally back each other up if one of them is heckling you. As parents you need to do the same. Parent Power is the key!

3. Distribute the jobs that you normally do to the children as soon as they become rambunctious. They will beat a swift retreat for the nearest room behind a door to avoid further repercussions.

4. Begin asking pointed questions about their homework, the condition of their rooms, and if they have bathed and groomed themselves recently. Ask to inspect the quality of their flossing, try to check their ears for excess wax, and try to do it with a straight face. I can never make it past this point without cracking up hysterically, but of course that works in my favor. They think I am crazy and they begin avoiding me until I get over it. If all of that fails to send them running, bring out the camera and excitedly begin taking multiple candid shots of them for your latest scrapbook page on your Snow Day!

5. As a last resort, send your spouse out quietly to start the car and warm it up, and after a few minutes, grab your shoes and coat and RUN! Head for the nearest Dunn Bros and relax with a freshly made latté. Leave all the cell phones at home, and enjoy the one small bit of peace and quiet you will get that day.

It's the end of the day. Things have settled down, and I really do love my kids. The driveway is clear once again, thanks to the boys. I'm going to settle down and get trounced in a nice game of cribbage.

Snow, sweet snow. It will probably be next year before we get to enjoy a snow day like this again. Whew!


Faith said...

LOL! I heard you got quite a bit of snow. Couple feets in some spots. Its the year for snow! Making up for the last few years. We didn't get a whole lot, got more rain that anything, freezing rain. Can't wait until spring though, all my flowers will be coming up. I just love it. Last year I was out there everyday watching them poke out of the ground, and the shrubs blooming. I have tons of flowers and plants. I just really enjoy it. Its right around the corner, I'm getting excited.
Hope your surviving all the snow!

daisyaday said...

Oh, yes...the spring, gardens, perennials coming up--I can't wait, either! Pictures! I want pictures when they come up. Yours will come up before mine will, so I want to enjoy yours vicariously--dreaming of the spring to come.

It's time to start checking garden design books out from the library! LOL. I think they can always tell what my current passion is when I go there. I have a mile-high stack of books on one subject. I love books!

Anonymous said...

This has to be Julie Anna ???

Faith said...

I will have to send pictures. I have bought some perennials, and then gotten some from other people, they needed to split them. My one neighbor has a garden oasis. Man, she has the flowers. So whenever I want something, I just go over there and get something she needs to split. Such fun. I planted some bulbs last fall too, so they should come up in April and May before the other perennials. I have perennials that come up in Spring, Summer and Fall. So that way I always have something blooming! Daylilies are one of my favorites!

daisyaday said...

Welcome, anon! Pour a nice cuppa coffee and visit a while.

Faith, my honey planted my perennial garden for me, and he said that way he can give me flowers all the time. Although in MN, sometimes I have to look through my pictures to find them in the winter time.

Speaking of flowers, remember I said I didn't want any for Valentine's Day, so he brought me flowers later in the week, just because! How sweet is that! Okay, maybe I said that sounds vaguely familiar. LOL, because I am getting the old person's disease where you can remember your story perfectly clearly, but you just can't remember who you sent it to! Way too funny. Pardon me if I already posted that!

d.t.x. said...

Whoever is "anonymous" is pretty smart. Too bad they aren't brave enough to say who they are. You must be from "the church" we so love to discuss.

daisyaday said...

d.t.x., you sound a little feisty today. That's okay, too. Feisty people don't scare me...I'm used to it! Thanks for visiting me! :)