Wednesday, March 28, 2007

it's time, it's time

Warning: Graphic content ahead.

It's time up for poor Otis. The bump is getting much worse, and quickly. It's now all red, angry, bloody, and oozy underneath the rough, dry, bumpy surface. It is bugging him so much that he scratches at it all the time. He scratched off some of the top layer, and it looks so bad. I'm feeling so bad for him. He has a big spot on one of his eyes. With reluctance, I've made his final vet appointment. My chest hurts. I'm so sad. No more animals. I don't like it. I'm just trying not to think about it, which is why I've tried not to write about it.

I can't afford to get it removed and checked, much less pay for treatment if he has cancer. I've accepted it. But I don't like it one bit.


Faith said...

Hugs to you. This is a difficult time. Losing a friend. I am thinking about you and hope that you can find comfort and peace. Otis is going to doggy heaven! May he rest in peace when the time comes. Gods blessings!

d.t.x. said...

Can we give Otis a great feast?

daisyaday said...

Thank you for the kind thoughts. I had to do this before, and it isn't any easier the second time around.

We should give him a feast--roast beef and gravy tonight! Or something equally tasty.