Thursday, March 8, 2007

it's a virus (we don't know what it is)

We have had the creeping crud going through our house over the last few weeks, otherwise known as a virus. It starts with a vague burning in the throat, and moves to a plugged nose, plugged ears, and suddenly, a sneak attack by a fever follows all of those lovely symptoms. It started with the boys a couple of weeks ago, eventually crawled across the hall to the girls' room, and I swear, it leaped to the ceiling, made its way into our room to do a surprise ambush, dropping down on my unsuspecting head as I slept. I think I went through a whole bottle of hand sanitizer gel--doorknobs, sink handles, phones, computer mouse and keyboard, you name it. I don't know if it helped, or if it just postponed the misery.

We had one of the kids in to the doctor, and the only answer we got: it's a virus. We're pretty sure that this is the standard answer when the doctor doesn't know what it is. Okay, I can understand that they don't want to prescribe antibiotics unnecessarily, but I don't remember all these viruses going around when the kids were little. If they were sick, it was strep, or ear infections, or bronchitis, and they could give us something for it.

Now, if I get sick, I pretend I'm at the doctor, and I have this little conversation with myself: Okay, let's see your ears. Nope, clear. How about your throat? Oh, it's a little red. We'll swab it. Check your nose? Oh, plugged a little. Does this hurt? Does that hurt? No? Well, you have a ... yes, you guessed it! A virus. Drink lots of fluids. Get some rest. Take ibuprofen or Tylenol for comfort. Hmmm... I'll just stay home. Just saved myself a $25 copay.

My poor honey was the most recent victim, even though he valiantly practiced good handwashing, and dosed himself with vitamins. But now he has tripped and fallen, and the virus was there waiting for him. He is resting today, not very comfortably, probably muttering under his breath. He does not make a good invalid. I hate winter. You can't open up the windows to get fresh air unless you want to freeze, or pay an astronomical heating bill. So it feels like those germs just circulate, moving from one person to another.

It's a good thing that Erica's didn't last as long...she is just getting over something, whether it was this virus or a different one, but she was only home two days. Otherwise she would have had to miss the spelling bee semifinals downtown today. I always wanted to be in a spelling bee, but either they didn't have them at my schools, or I just was oblivious. (Hmmm, second choice is a good possibility. :D ) I always read about them in stories when I was a kid, and they sounded like so much fun. I'm sure some of my kids are rolling their eyes right now. See? Once a word geek, always a word geek.

This reminds me of a great movie that just came out recently...have you seen Akeela and the Bee? Great story about a girl who is has a gift for words, but has a bit of an attitude. She gets into a spelling bee, but I won't tell you more than that. It reminds me of American Idol...there's the whole competition thing, you're just rooting for her to win, but it's never certain until the end, you know?

Speaking of American Idol, I think the contest is a bit lopsided this year--the girls will be in it to the end, but I don't see any of the guys that really wow me. Maybe the beat box guy will be good. But the girls! They have the wowza factor! I think it'll come down to Lakisha and Malinda. I just cracked up laughing at Simon's comment to Malinda last night. He says, "You little tiger!" in his nice Brit accent. It was hilarious! You're not laughing? Okay, maybe you had to see it. If you're not an Idol fan, all I can say is, you should be!

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Faith said...

Oh Daisy, your hilarious! I always laugh at your posts. Such a sense of humor. I hope that virus doesn't fly on over here, we have yet to get it. Hope your family gets well soon. Not fun to be sick.

I am a huge Idol fan!! I cannot believe that Antonella is still there. Every week I'm like she has to go, she's not very good. Today on Good Morning America they were talking about her. There are pictures of her on the internet, provacative pictures. They were saying how another contestant on a previous Idol was booted out because of her pictures, and why isn't Antonella. Her voice is just not that great. I agree, Melinda and Lakisha rock! Stephanie and and Gina are pretty good too. I think its going to be a female winner this year. They are the bomb! Melinda and Lakisha have some lungs man. They can sing! Plus they are not arrogant about it. I laughed too when Simon say, your a tiger! I was thinking during the song, Wow, this is a new Melinda. Shes got some confidence. Good for her.

For the guys, I think Sanjaya is going home for sure. Well I say that every week too, and he doesn't get voted out. Him and Antonella for sure should be out.I think Carrie Underwood is singing tonight. I just love her! I have her CD. She has such a good voice and such a good attitude. I'm pretty sure she is a Christian. She is always thanking God when she gets awards at the Awards Shows.

I think American Idol is such of a great opportunity for the average person to get a chance to share their gift with the whole world! They have sure found some very talented people that probably wouldn't have gotten the opportunity otherwise. I'm hooked!