Monday, March 19, 2007

poser hugs

What is it about becoming teenagers that makes girls turn into alien creatures? Here is the latest thing with my girls: they love to tease me about giving me a hug before they go to bed. I pursue them with great fervor to get my hugs from them, but they, on the other hand, have taken to giving me these poser hugs. You know what that is...a hug that tries to look like the real thing, but is only a poor imitation. They flop their arms limply around me, and lightly pat me on the back, or let their arms fall to their sides while I'm giving them a gleeful squeeze.

I have the perfect solution, though. I simply ignore their "poser-iness" and become even more enthusiastic. I give them every opportunity to come up with the real-deal while I foolishly chase them around the house hysterically demanding my due: a hug. It's great fun, and I just look at it as one more opportunity for them to realize how much I love them!

Looking on the bright side, if they continue to mess with me, I can simply fall back on the age-old tool of parents everywhere: threaten to chase them down and hug them in front of their friends instead. I'm shameless!

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Faith said...

Thats hilarious! I think I'd do the same. Also threaten to embarass them if they don't behave at the store. Start walking around like a duck. I think that'd get them to shape up in public!