Friday, April 20, 2007

500 ways to organize your life!

Now I know why some people are way more organized than I am. I checked out a book from the library on how to organize almost everything. I started reading the table of contents, and I discovered that this man has spent much too much time thinking of things for which he can create a "to-d0" list. It made me tired just reading the table of contents. Good thing I was reading in bed--otherwise when I dozed off, I could have fallen over and hit my head.

Okay, some of these are reasonable, and would be good for me! I'll read those parts. There is a listing for Find Your Keys. Oooh, got me right off the bat! Sort Your Sock Drawer. Yes. Take Control of Your Junk Drawer. Which one? Organize the Medicine Cabinet. Don't have one. Maybe I should. Oh, here's one! Live Better Through Labeling. That one makes my heart go pitter-pat! I love labeling.

But listen to some of these! Add a Workspace to Any Room. He hasn't seen my house yet. Amass a Real Estate Empire. Wow. Become a Brain Surgeon. Become a Rabbi. Become a Nun. It goes from macro to micro. Build Low Income Housing is right next to Build a Community Play Structure. This man is a virtual font of wisdom!

Oh, I love this one. Orchestrate the Perfect Conception. And he's not talking about romance, baby! He's talking health, diet, and centrifugal force. You'll have to read that one yourself. The ones that take the cake for me are the "unexpected" ones, and I'll leave you to ponder these on your own: Prepare for an Act of God. Is that a new evangelistic technique? How about these: Survive a Political Coup. Outsmart Pirates. Make a Jail Break. He ends with Die Rich and Be Happy. I think that about covers it all, doesn't it?

The table of contents is almost a novel in itself! Okay, then. This is a huge hardcover book about three inches thick, and there is so much information in it. It is very heavy. The author needs to add one more topic: Disabling a Night Intruder. Simply hit them over the head with this book and it will knock them out long enough for the police to be called or for vigilante justice to happen, whichever comes first!


Anonymous said...

Are you familiar with Flylady? Great site for organization:
(fly = finally loving yourself)

daisyaday said...

I took a peek there--there are lots of practical easy-to-implement ideas. I'm going to spend a little time there reading. I'll post an update when I get a chance to try some of them!

Thanks for the FYI on the FLY! Ha!