Wednesday, April 25, 2007

American Idol "shocker"

Some shows will do anything to make ratings. I think AI crossed the line tonight. Does someone have it in for Jordin or something? That was just plain MEAN. I would be furious if I were her. I'd want to walk off the show, or...or...or I don't know what. Do something to make it clear that treating her like a pawn in a corporate media chess game is unacceptable. Junior high school kids have nothing on that move. But really, what could she do? Nothing. Unless she wanted to walk away from all they offer the winner-to-be. It's hard to fathom that any of the contestants would be willing to do that right now.

We get so used to the big sell-out when it comes to getting exposure on national television. (Not that I'm saying she sold out, because I don't think that.) But think about shows like Jerry Springer or some of the other drama-mama shows that are so prolific right now. People get on there and tell so much of their business to the world, way more than anyone really wanted to know. And they do this just to get on television, to be seen, to be noticed. Fame is a two-edged blade.

It's kind of like the early shows of AI this season. They spent half of the show, sometimes, focusing on the desperate people who just wanted someone to acknowledge them. The show exploited them just to make an edgy, off-the-wall show that people would watch and laugh at. Many shows push the envelope so far already that everyone begins to compete with the extremes. What will they do next? Kick someone off and bring them back the next week? Oh, sorry Sanjaya! We were just kidding! You can come back and try again. Really we're kicking off Malinda. Now that would be insanity. I'm hoping that the pendulum will swing back the other way soon.

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