Tuesday, April 24, 2007

did I miss something here?

Have things changed so much when I wasn't looking? I was standing in line at the grocery store waiting to check out and this young girl in front of me in line had a T-shirt that said, "Naughty boy! Go to MY room!" She was not more than twelve years old, if that. Her mother was right there next to her. What is wrong with this picture?? Something has gone horribly awry!

If I had tried so much as to go out the front door with a shirt like that--no, back that up. If I had even tried to bring a shirt like that in the front door, I would not have seen the light of day because I would have been grounded to my room, probably indefinitely. I can't even imagine going out in public with my daughter wearing something like that. I'd be waiting for child protection to track me down or something for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

I think when I was twelve, I might have thought the T-shirt was more daring than risqué. I would not have realized the sadder implications of the message on the shirt. I wanted to tell her how precious she was, and tell her not to even play at giving herself away so easily. I wished she knew that she should hold herself in high regard. I wished I could explain to her that her value does not depend on how attractive (read that sexually available) she was to any boy who might want her.

I knew my parents well enough not to even think about a shirt like that. My parents were strict, but I still knew I was loved. I may have chafed at some of the restrictions I had, but looking at it as a parent now, I so understand it. Perspective is everything.

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