Wednesday, April 4, 2007

forgetfulness is sneaking up on me; no, it's hitting me over the head!

I am such an easy target. People don't have to work hard to find things to chuckle about when it comes to my life.

Yesterday, it was about 10:30 at night, and it suddenly dawned on me that I had completely forgotten to watch American Idol. I was so upset! I hate, absolutely hate, missing it at this stage of the game. I think you could call it an addiction by this time. Anyway, I was having an all-out tantrum, and Youngest Daughter was looking at me, probably wondering if she should give me a wider berth to avoid the flailing body parts. Well, I got over it.

This morning, I was sitting on the couch having my coffee when, like a ton of bricks, the realization hit me. American Idol is TONIGHT! Oh, my. I was relieved. Youngest Daughter looked at me, and I could see the thoughts going through her mind . . . "Okay, my mother has been replaced by a lunatic."

Then this evening as I was telling all of this to my honey, he looked at me from the corners of his eyes. "Dear. American Idol WAS last night." Ooohhhhh, noooooooooo! A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but it's even worse to lose it completely!

Today, when Second-to-youngest Daughter was getting some teeth pulled in preparation for her upcoming braces, I asked the doctor to give me a note for school because of her absence today. I wondered out loud if she should go to school tomorrow, and she looked at me and said, "Mom. I'm on spring break this week!" The humiliation never stops. However, I guess the fact that I often forget to call her in when she is gone actually worked in my favor this time--I fortunately did NOT call the school office during spring break to report her absence. Lord, have mercy!


sunnyspot said...

We always have American Idol recorded. You can borrow it if you want.

This forgetfullness must be a new thing judging from the reaction from your family?

Me... it's not new. My family knows I forget things. My son just says.."Mom you're slipping", Isn't that sweet?

The thing that helps me is writing something down the MINUTE I remember it on a piece of paper. Otherwise I am toast!

It's helpful to know that others in our "age bracket" are having simliar issues. When I realize what I told them they might forget, then I feel better. Someday I little chuckle in their direction also. Misery loves company!

luvmychichi said...

You do forget things more. You tell me things twice, maybe three times if I don't let you know when you tell me the second time. Sometimes I just agree with you when you are telling me something for the second time. If it is a long story I will tell you right off the bat. At least I know I am not missing anything. Well actually there are very few times that you do not tell me something. You know if you have something very important to tell us all you should write all of our names on a list and check it off next to our names so you don't forget who you told and who you haven't told. I love you any way you are though. I'll help you remember when you are old. : )

daisyaday said...

The forgetfulness is not a new thing, but I think it's getting worse. My mom was the same way. Isn't there something we can take, gingko or something, to help? I'm going to check into it. If I remember!

Good idea, too, about writing it down and checking it off. Well, unless I lose the list, of course. Oh, my. Hmmmm...How could I keep it in the computer? It never moves off the desk so I can always find it! LOL.

I need to come up with a code word, and if I tell someone something for the second or third time, they could just say the code word and it would save time. :)

daisyaday said...

Of course, I might forget the code word and just stare at them blankly...

d.t.x. said...

I think the time on this thing is off. I did not post a comment at 7:25 am. I was speeding down the highway at that time.

sunnyspot said...

I take Centrum Performance vitamins with all of that memory stuff in them. It really helps me. When I don't take them, I start noticing I'm forgetful. My husband was having trouble remembering things & so he was going to take them, but he kept forgetting! HA!

I've noticed for myself, when I am under stress or alot of things are happening, I get worse in remembering.

Have you ever read the Adult ADD joke? It is hilarious. I'll have to try to track it down. It is so funny!

I've heard of people who keep their stuff on the computer - on Outlook. So if they have an appointment or need to do something it reminds them. You could probably figure out how to do that, cause you are really good on the computer. I'll just have to resort to post-it notes all over my cupboards!