Saturday, April 14, 2007

gadget girl

I took a half-day off to help my twin yesterday.

She had a surgical procedure, and I was her driver. I waited there for her to get done, and I had come prepared: I brought a book. Do you know, I finished the book while I was waiting. Does that tell you how long she was in there? It was great!! That is the FIRST book I have read from cover to cover, in one sitting without being interrupted, in years. I was so pleased and contented. It was absolutely wonderful.

I went with her to help her get home, get settled, and to do a few things around the house for her while she was recuperating. I went to the store for food for her and some miscellaneous items. I got back, and decided I could do some laundry, do some dishes, make sure she had something to eat, pamper and spoil her, you know the drill. She moved into her place in a rush, and has only had time to do minimal putting away of things, so I thought I would also put some things away for her. She let me have free rein! She's very trusting. She has seen the black hole in my bedroom and she still trusts me. That's very brave of her.

My twin is a gadget girl. Let me tell you...I found out that she has every lovely, fascinating, unique, useful gadget you can imagine. For example, she has these cool little clips that go over her visor in the car that flip open so you can clamp your sunglasses in them. I especially liked these because I have no place for sunglasses in my little car. She has an electric mattress pad that goes under your regular mattress pad. No blanket to slide off the bed or to get wrapped all around the other person in the bed. She has a keyboard and monitor stand that you can adjust vertically, along with an ergonomically correct chair and knee rest that you can raise or lower to match the keyboard and monitor height.

She has the best pens. We're both office-supply divas. A rubber stamp to mark FAXED on documents can send us both into a fit of glee. Banker's boxes, those cardboard file boxes that come unassembled in a pack of five or ten are the best thing in the world. They stack and store nicely, you can label them easily, they look neat and consistent--they're a yippee thing, too. In fact, anything that you can use to store, sort, label, or organize things is a big deal in my book...okay, I don't think anyone else much will get it, but I'll put it out here even so. If I don't tell my dorky stories, my kids will out me anyway.

Some things I had to just put into boxes for her to go through. She is me. (I am she. Or is it, I am her? I should know that.) We both save papers just in case we need the information at some point. What usually happens for me is that I save them and save them, and when I finally go through them, I throw most of them away because they are not relevant anymore. So I imagine she might do the same thing, but I put all of her papers in boxes for her anyway, so she can go through them at her leisure.

She appreciated the help, and I appreciated the quiet time to sort and straighten. Sometimes when I do that, my brain sorts and straightens itself without my realizing it. The peace and freedom from interruption was very soothing. I got more done than I imagined I would. She got to rest and recover. I came home with a renewed inspiration to do the same at home. Just not today.

Thanks, twin. Hope your nose is cold and wet again soon! You'll be living it up in no time.

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