Monday, April 16, 2007

the heat is on!

The heat! It has finally caught up to me. I've been hearing things about hot flashes and night sweats from my women friends for months. I remember standing in Wal-Mart quite some time ago with my honey and feeling the rush of heat for a minute or so. "I think I've just had my first hot flash," I said with delight. My honey was not delighted. He was not the least bit impressed, matter of fact. He had heard the horror stories about women in menopause, and he discerned the forthcoming possibility of rocky ground in our relationship. He was not happy about it.

I've staved them off for the longest time, though. I'd get one here, one there, but none of it was too frequent or seriously uncomfortable. Well, all that seems to have changed without my even noticing. I get them once in a while at night, now, but most often I get them in the early morning. I'll be walking around getting ready for work, and suddenly it feels like the temperature went up about forty degrees in the house. I run outside in the chilly morning air for a moment, feeling much like I used to when we'd run down to the lake after sitting in the sauna for half an hour. It feels like the steam is just rolling up off my body. It's so bizarre.

We'll be driving down the road, when suddenly I simply must roll down my window and hang my arm outside to cool off. Even if it's only 15° or 20° outside. No one complains, strangely enough; perhaps it's the snarled, "I'm hot!" that goes along with the window rolling down. As soon as I cool off a little, the window goes back up, only to get rolled down again about five minutes later. No one argues about the temperature anymore. They are simply resigned to the fact that my internal thermometer is having massive mood swings.

I'll hear them quietly discussing it later, thinking they are out of earshot. I can't help laughing because I can hear how ridiculous it sounds, but it is what it is, I guess. You think God has a sense of humor? Somehow, I'm pretty sure he does!

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