Thursday, April 19, 2007

sayonara, Sanjaya!

Finally! Sanjaya is gone. So long, see ya later, sayonara Sanjaya. Okay, I know he was a very nice guy, and he is not very old. It's wonderful that he got as far as he did...but I'm really really glad that he didn't go any further on American Idol. The fauxhawk was the end of it for me. I'm serious.

When they divided the singers into two groups, I was rooting for Sanjaya’s group to be the bottom three, even though it meant that Beat Box Boy Blake was in there. He is my favorite for the guys. If they had voted Blake off before Sanjaya, I would have quit watching the show. And I loved what Malinda did. I could see it coming—I knew Ryan was going to put her in that position. I was shouting at the TV. “Don’t do it, Malinda! Don’t do it!” Like she was going to hear me, you know. John was looking at me like I had completely lost it.

Jordin was fantastic on the Martina McBride song, don’tcha think? She nailed it. MM is one of my favorite country singers, and I don't have too many favorites in the country music genre. I have a hard time picking a favorite from the girls. It changes from week to week. I really liked Gina—I like her rocker edginess. It's no wonder that I'm obsessed with AI because music is something I get pretty excited about--I have so many favorites. I just like good music. It speaks to me. And the best part is that if I don’t like what it’s saying, guess what! I’m in charge! I’ll change it.

I always have a tune playing in my mind. All day could ask me anytime, and I could hum a few bars of the current tune for you. It’s like a little jukebox, playing the soundtrack to my life. Now if only I could sing a little better. This week, though, I think the CD is skipping a little. I bounced over three days without posting. I’m going into withdrawal!

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