Thursday, April 12, 2007

the wiles of women

The secret is out. My honey is a teddy bear. He has such a good heart.

Last night, Youngest Daughter was loudly wishing that someone would take her to the store. She asked everyone in the house who could drive, but no one volunteered to take her. When she asked my honey if he would bring her to the store, he gave her a flat "No." He was going to go to bed, he informed her. She sat down in the dining room and periodically let out these huge sighs, and she had the most pathetic look on her face. Almost as bad as the puppy eyes Otis used to give me when he was still sleeping in the kennel. He just smiled. "Do you think that will help you?"

She sighed. "No." Another sigh.

He went down the hall, presumably to get ready for bed. A minute later, he came back out into the dining room. "Let's go." He headed for the door. The most radiant smile spread over Daughter's face.

He's helpless when it comes to fighting his own heart. I absolutely love that about him. He's not so tough that he can't admit his soft spots. My sweetheart.

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