Sunday, May 13, 2007

And a happy Mother's Day to all!

It started out slow here, but as the day went on, it seemed to pick up in intensity. We had a crazy, noisy, busy afternoon and evening here, with most of the kids coming and going sometime during the day. We grilled burgers and brats, and the grandbabies played outside, running their legs off. Things have finally settled down, and I'm ready to fall into bed.

I am absolutely certain that D-boy has gained two inches on T-boy since I last saw them. And when they were leaving, their sweetness could have left a frozen candle melted into a puddle; my heart didn't even stand a chance! "Bye, Gramma. Love you, and miss you. I'll come back soon!" This from the one who isn't even in school yet. We all said a collective "Aawww..."

I could just squeeze him! But momma, momma. How does she keep up with them? She was sick this week, too, with the same kind of thing we've all had. They must have run circles around her just to use up their little energy supply.

I was thinking about my oldest, who has a nice handful of a family as well. I wasn't the best mom when he was young . . . he was the guinea pig. The oldest ones always get the toughest job--they have to be the ones to break the parents in until we figure out what's what. Figure out what's important, and what not to sweat about. Well, I must tell you, he's doing way better than I did! It doesn't hurt that he married a sweetheart of a girl, either. They are good parents to some great kids!

I see my kids there in the trenches of parenthood, and it's tough work! I'm telling you, it's exhausting just watching them. And they are in for the duration. They're pacing themselves, day by day, doing an awesome job taking care of these little treasures. It brings back reminders of when they were all little. But I'm realizing that the joys were in the little (and not so little) things.

Listening and laughing at that funny thing they just said. A little child's amazement at losing a tooth. Their pride and joy over a new pair of shoes. I had kids who always insisted on wearing a new pair of shoes to bed the first night after they got them. Having to spray monster spray (hair spray) under the bed so a child could fall sleep unafraid. Reading that story for the sixtieth night in a row, and not being able to skip one single word. Those are the golden moments that memories are made of.

The time D-girl hit W-boy in the head with a shovel and split it open. The first time they rode that two-wheeler bike all by themselves. The sudden thunderstorm that scared one of the kids so badly that she couldn't run for the house...her legs just went up and down as she ran in place. The time W-boy drove the van through the garage door with all the kids buckled up inside. Those are the stories that the children (and the adults) will tell when they are older. Don't let them pass by unnoticed!

Mother's Day makes me reflect about lots of things. There are always a few things that I wish I could go back and do differently, but I try not to dwell on those because I can't change them. The past is exactly that: past. But when I look at the legacy of love that I see continuing, I get so excited. When one of my children shows generosity for another, my heart sings. When I see little acts of kindness happen, I'm delighted.

Sometimes I used to wonder if they just did things together because they shared the same room and had no other choice. But now when they no longer live together and still spend time together as friends, just because they want to, I rejoice. When I hear them encourage each other and willingly offer to help another one out when help is needed, I breathe easier, because I know that someday when I get to go home, they will still have someone who knows them at their best and at their worst; they will still have each other.

Isn't that a lovely Mother's Day thought?


d.t.x. said...

Actually it was D-girl hitting R-boy in the head with a dirt shovel. And I know D-girl is sorry that happened and doesn't really remember it happening either.

daisyaday said...

Totally LOL! To tell you the truth, the Mom person doesn't really remember it happening, either. She's just heard D-girl talking about it so many times that it sticks in her head. Because she listens to her children, even if she messes up some of the details.

Fortunately most of the gruesome memories have faded into oblivion, except for the ones I created. Those still make me sad.

d.t.x. said...

I cracked up laughing for a few minutes thinking about your daughter running in one spot during the storm.

daisyaday said...

Yeah, I think that was M-girl. Too bad we don't have it on video. :) She would laugh harder than anyone else.