Tuesday, May 1, 2007

ever had to glue your socks up?

Had a conversation with a friend the other day, and she mentioned that she got a note from her daughter's school. Her daughter is not allowed to wear bobby socks to school. She must wear knee high stockings. I was a little in awe that she wasn't more upset about it. Her only comment was that she didn't see the logic in it because the knee highs don't stay up anyway.

Okay, never mind that at some of the Catholic schools, the girls can wear short skirts that expose their thighs. Is it that calves are more enticing than thighs for young gentlemen in school and they want to keep them covered? This kind of stuff makes me CRAZY! Are they trying to prevent the boys from looking at the girls? 'Cause it's a pointless exercise.

Then another girl mentioned that her friend had to glue her knee highs in place when she went to school so they wouldn't fall down. Apparently there is such a thing as glue to stick your clothing to you! Dancers and figure skaters use it to keep their costumes on; swimmers use it to keep their swimsuit from creeping up their behinds. But socks?? What's next? I was going to ask if they should consider wrapping themselves up completely, but I guess that option has already been taken.

Both of these incidents happened at private schools, which makes me okay with the fact that my kids are in public school. Not that I have anything against private schools, but if I were to send my children to one, I would want one that was more concerned about the curriculum than an iron-clad dress code. Glue her socks up, my eye!

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