Wednesday, May 2, 2007

what is it that moves me?

My honey looked over at me tonight as I was watching the American Idol results show. "You could get a job as the "town crier" anywhere," he smiled. Very funny, dear. Why in the world do I cry over a TV show when I don't even know these people?! Well, I do feel like I know them a little by now, but actually I think it's the emotion thing.

Not only do I turn into a puddle when other people are crying, but when I see certain qualities in people, when they think more of others than they do themselves, when they display vulnerability, when they are real about their own feelings, it moves me. When I see the other competitors give a departing contestant a standing ovation with tears running down their faces, I see love and compassion in action. When I see unselfishness and friendship reign over competitiveness, I am encouraged to believe in the goodness of human nature. They melt me!

Phil handled himself with such grace and confidence and humility tonight that it just moved me to tears. When I heard him say again that his baby was more important than this show, my spirit said, "Yes!" When Chris and Blake were more concerned about their friendship than who was going on to the next round, it brought a huge smile to my face.

I think it was one of the best results shows I've seen yet. And I felt good about it. When Sanjaya got booted off, I was cheering, but I didn't feel peaceful or happy about it the same way when the show was over. :o It was just "aiight" for me that night. Tonight, on the other hand, was hot.

Okay, can you tell I've been watching AI way too long? It's probably a good thing that I don't know how to write a British accent so you can see it the way it sounds. I'd be unbearable.

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