Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I survived the Memorial Day BBQ

I think I need to work out more often, because I am running out of energy before the day is two-thirds gone when I have a busy day! Yesterday I think I started sending kids to carry and fetch by about five o'clock instead of running myself. But we had a fun time. I finally wasn't too sick to snuggle the g-babies. And I made up for lost time! (Pearl calls us G-ma and G-pa, so I guess I can call the grandbabies the g-babies.)

We ended up with most of the family coming over for BBQ, along with some friends. Burgers and brats on the grill, some great salads, brownies for dessert, fruit slush with pop--not too difficult, and delicious because the outside air is a great flavor enhancer. It was a little warm and muggy, so most of us camped out by the grilling area to eat and chat.

Work is so weird. It's like being plunked down in the middle of a board game, and everyone knows all the rules except for you. And just when you think you have them figured out, they change! Or there's an exception. I feel like a fifth wheel...I'm a temp, so there is no spot for me to put my purse, or any personal things. I just carry them with me in a bag everywhere I go, even when I just go to lunch.

I brought Kleenex and a bottle of lotion and left them tucked in the computer cabinet last week. Today, my lotion was gone already and I saw someone using it in a different area. Now someone has cleared out part of one shelf in a locked cabinet so I can (barely) put my purse there. I feel like a nomad. I'll be glad to get back to my own office by the end of summer where I can leave and lock the door, and come back to find everything exactly the way I left it.

Oh, well. I'll remember the Sunday message G-girl heard in Las Vegas about doing your work like Jesus was your boss. Go the extra mile. Do the extra thing. Do more than is expected. Surprise people. Although I probably do surprise them, not in a good way, when I do things wrong! :( As my mom always said, this, too, will pass!


Miss Paula said...

I have your solution!!! Carry a back pack for a couple of days with all your stuff in it. Work with it on, go to the ladies room with it on. Maybe they'll get the hint!!! HEE HEE

Pray for your co-workers, your heart and attitude will change towards them and I know you will have great days ahead of you! Try this, YOU will be Blessed!

Scribbit said...

My family likes to quote (and we're half joking) that which does not kill you makes you stronger :)

Hang in there :)