Saturday, May 26, 2007

a new day, a new treat!

So I had a couple of Archiver's classes scheduled with my twin, and when I left this morning, I took a peek at my mystery iris. The bud was still tightly wrapped with only the top purply ruffles poking out, but I could see a tiny bit of light brown in the middle of the purple. I went to play at Archiver's, and I found out that the second one of our classes had cancelled due to not enough people having signed up. So they refunded the money for the class. We spent a blissful two hours just browsing and shopping for our little treats. We bought the supplies for the project we were supposed to make, and we're going to have a play date at home very soon. We went to the grocery store, and finally we went to her house to make some space for her furniture-to-come.

I got home and—voilĂ —! One of the irises was in full, glorious bloom! I put before and after pics on the sidebar for your enjoyment. Isn't God just the best artist ever?? This is my favorite line, and it still holds true: God is a genius! I'm still waiting for the other mystery iris to give me just a clue. There are also a couple of other babies blooming, so I put a couple of those on there as well. Lots of purple in my garden right now.

We need to get new daisies this year as the Shasta daisies died out over the winter. What would a garden be without daisies? At least my garden seems incomplete without them! Of course, the purple coneflowers are very daisylike, too, so they make great stand-ins until I can get real daisies.

I bought my honey an elephant ear plant and a white dicentra plant (otherwise known as a bleeding heart, but if it's not the red and white variety, it doesn't look like the heart is bleeding!); both of them were plants that he wanted for the garden. He was tickled.

I did use up my Mother's Day giftcard at Archiver's when I was there today...AND I remembered my 30% off coupon, too, so I have new toys to play with! I can't wait!

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