Monday, May 7, 2007

not even 21 days yet

I just want to report a new habit--keeping track of my keys! Yippee! I have not been late anywhere, not even once, in two weeks due to not being able to find my keys. Just by chance, I came upon something that works for me. I got a new purse, a smaller one that I can carry more easily. It's too small to keep much in there, so it will never weigh the sixty-five pounds that my old larger purses used to weigh after I accumulated enough junk in them. So it will not become obsolete as did my other purses. Thanks, twin!

Then, I improvised and took a carabiner hook from a freebie promotional thing to hook onto a loop on my purse. That is now my "key place". I can hook them on easily after I take them out of the ignition, because I always have my purse with me when I drive. It just takes a few seconds, and the peace of mind it gives me is well worth the fraction of my day I spend on it. I keep my office keys on there on one of those retractable key reels so that I never even have to take it off. I can just stretch it out, unlock the door, and let it reel back in. And, I have one of those curly wrist things on it too, so if I need to take it off during the day I can wear it on my wrist. I can leave my office during the day and still get back in without having to take my purse. See? I'm a gadget girl, too!

Wanna see all this great stuff? I'm easily pleased, can you tell?

I keep each set of keys on a separate ring that I can detach from the carabiner hook, depending on which car I'm driving at the time. It's working! I am so excited. Thanks to my wonderful friends who encouraged me here! :)

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Connie Barris said...

I love your new look, Maggie did a great job....

blessings to you...