Wednesday, May 23, 2007

now I can concentrate on my garden

It's over for another year. American Idol season is done. It's like baseball season being over. Time to pack up the cleats and uniforms, put the bats and mitts away. Jordin has won, and Blake was so very gracious. He would be a fun person to be friends with. Very down to earth.

Well, life rolls on, and fortunately it's garden season. Every year we try to add a little something more to the garden. I don't think we'll add on any new garden areas for a while because it takes a lot to keep them up. We've missed two years of maintenance, basically, because two summers in a row we've done major things to the yard and house. A well one year, and a new septic system the other year. Not to mention new windows, walls, etc. The garden got neglected both of those years. So we'll weed, move around, thin out, transplant, refine and maintain what we have, and see what happens next year.

The lilacs are done blooming, but the spireas are in full bloom, and so are the Miss Kim lilacs. They bloom just a little later than the standard lilacs. There are some irises almost blooming in one of the gardens, and I have no idea where they came from. They could have been rescued from the back yard when we put in the septic system. I'm waiting for them to bloom to see which ones they are. They look like they are going to be a deep burgundy or a black. My flowers are like my babies! Every year it's like meeting old friends when I see them come up and bloom again.

You know . . . a pond or a waterfall would be very nice, though. The wildlife and butterflies would love it, too. The sound of water in the morning, along with the wrens and cardinals . . . what could be better? Mmm mmm! See? It's irresistable. The mentality of more. Somebody stop me!

What's happening in your garden this week?

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