Friday, May 4, 2007

oh, the ides of youth!

I can't believe my baby girl is so close to turning eighteen. It can't be! Someone must have hit the fast forward button! Quick! Press pause! Slow down. Savor. Drink in the moments. Watch her grow. Just like a beautiful flower, opening in its own time, she is blooming. She's gorgeous!

Okay, dear. I know if you're reading this, you're rolling your eyes about now. Make a note in the calendar on your phone to come back in about six or seven years to read this again. Oh, wait. I'm the one who needs the notes to remember.

When does it happen that your children stop thinking of you as the all-powerful, all-knowing parent and start thinking of you as a slightly addled, not-quite-all-there has-been? Kind of like those magical weight loss ads that have the dramatic before and after shots of the woman in a bikini--only in reverse! One minute I am the mother queen of the house, and look! Now I am the poster child for Geritol.

They start snickering when you're bringing them to high school in the morning, only you start to turn towards the middle school by accident. "Uh, Mom?" The pointing finger and the raised eyebrow say it all. When I start to laugh, I just get the junior version of "The Look." She stares as I laugh harder. "I've only been going here for three years, now, Muh-ther." Yeah, well, I think to myself, when I was driving you every day, you were still going to middle school. I was just having a flashback. And I was enjoying myself. Do you mind??

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d.t.x. said...

I am not too sure when the stage is that when the mom isn't the source of all knowledge, probably those teenage years. The funny thing about it is after the child comes to their senses about motherly knowledge, we start asking you questions again and assume you know everything, and if you don't why the heck not? Your the mother for cryin out loud. I know I ask my mother for answers all the time and I am well over teenage years.