Monday, May 21, 2007

oh, my achin' feet

Wow! I forgot how tired I can get the first day on a new job. I was running around much more than usual today, and by the end of the day, my foot was telling me it thought it was broken. I should have worn my crocs, but I thought I had to dress more formally than that. Apparently it is only from the waist up, because there were people wearing nice jeans and sandals. You know what I'll be wearing from now on!

My brain was the other thing hurting by the time I got done today. There were so many new things in there that I was trying to remember. My poor brain was completely overflowing by the end of the day, and I was exhausted. Tomorrow will be better, I know. Thanks for the good wishes card, sweet Dee. You always know how to make me smile.

It's so tough to be new on the job. I remember that and try to be sympathetic to any first-timers I run into in the course of a day. You know some things, but when you get flustered, you forget! And then you sound a little like an idiot. I was answering the phone with the name of my old department, and I'd get this blank pause on the other end of the phone. Oh, whoops!

And last night, I had nightmares all night. It's going to be horrible. They're going to be mean to me. Of course none of that happened, but why the anxiety? I think I had it built up in my mind to be worse than it was. PMS does that to me, too. I will survive the summer. I will.

Hope your Monday was good! (For a Monday)

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Miss Paula said...

I am hoping today you wore comfortable shoes!!! My Croc's are pink!! (Of course)

"I think I had it built up in my mind to be worse than it was."

I put your quote from your post here. Why is it that we do this? Why can't we get it in our heads to give it to the Lord and let HIM carry us? I do this exact same thing. I think we would be less stressed if we gave these situations to him. Whew!

OT: Check to see who my daughter did see at the Premiere!!!