Tuesday, May 22, 2007

same song, second verse (but it didn't get worse)

I think I forgot half of what I learned yesterday . . . does that come with age? It doesn't stick there as long, so you have to paste it there twice as many times? Ai yi yi.

Well, I sent some people on the phone to the wrong department, pranked another department several times by pushing the wrong button, and completely spaced out answering the phone a few times because I haven't learned the sound of the phone yet. But (yes there is a but), I did help several people get exactly the information they wanted, and they were very grateful. I was able to answer some questions without having to ask someone else. I found some things on my own, and that's a good thing for someone who is new on the job.

I guess even someone who doesn't know a lot can be helpful if they are just willing. Willing to try. Willing to stick their neck out. Willing to show up. That's a big lesson right there. God can use us if we are just willing. Our efforts may be small, but if they are placed in precisely the right time with the right person, who knows?? We can't know exactly what is needed, so we just need to show up and be willing to work! Okay, God. I got it this time. :)

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Miss Paula said...

Yes, we all can be used by God in everything we do as we live on purpose for Him!!!

A little side note, maybe you should buy stock in "Post-its"!!!
They can be a lifesaver!Ü