Tuesday, May 22, 2007

sparks are flyin'!

Whoo-ee! I think Jordin is going to win it!

She was very consistent on all of her songs. It could go either way because of the fan base, but I think she did the better job tonight. She made that last song sound like a completely different song than the way Blake sang it. She put her own spin on it, and she was fabulous.

She is so poised and confident at seventeen. Her parents have done a great job. I would love to see her take on the whole fame thing and come out of it unspoiled. We see enough of people who allow their fame to spoil them. I don't need to name any names . . . we can all think of a few notorious "stars" whose attitudes and activities we would rather see much less of. I hope Jordin and Blake both stay grounded and sane in this crazy show-biz world.

Until Wednesday evening . . . waiting with bated breath again.

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Miss Paula said...

I think the singers this year, a couple excluded, showed gratitiude and humility! I think it showed with respect from the judges.