Monday, May 14, 2007

stock up on tissue

This is a warning to anyone who plans to read Ever After, by Karen Kingsbury. It's the sequel to Even Now, so it's better if you've already read the first one. It's very good, as are all of hers that I have read, but you need to get yourself a BIG box of tissue before you sit down to read it.

I had to laugh when I read the little blurb that she always adds at the end of the story. She says that even though she writes these stories, she feels more like the reader because it's as though they are just given to her as a complete story in her mind. She just records them. Anyway, she was writing this one, and she said she was crying almost every time she sat down to write. One of her kids came in and asked her if they could get anything for her, food or whatever, and she looked up tearfully. "Yes. Counseling!" I cracked up when I read that. That would be me, bawling away about this imaginary family in my head. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Oh, wait, I forgot. One more teaser. If you have strong opinions on the war either way, this book will challenge you to think about them. Indirectly, of course, because the story is primarily about the relationships between the various characters. Okay, that's really all.

I slept all morning on Friday because I stayed home sick from work. So I was planning on having a relaxing afternoon reading because I didn't have enough energy to do much of anything else. But I must tell you that it is very difficult to read a tearjerker novel when you have any kind of a cold or upper respiratory thing going on. I couldn't even get through five sentences without stopping to wipe my eyes so I could see. Then I'd have to blow my nose so it wouldn't run down my face. So it went like this: Lay down. Read a little bit. Sit up. Wipe my face. Blow my nose. Bury the tissue in the trash so the dog doesn't fish it out to chew on it. Find my place in the book. Lay back down. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. I was so exhausted by the time I got done with the book I had to take another nap.


faith said...

Hi Daisy. I have read that book and I agree. A tear jerker. She said she wrote it in 5 days! Then to think that so many people are going through that right now with the war. Breaks my heart. I am the Baxter family series now, reading Family at the moment. I just love her! Thanks to you for your blog and putting her on your favorite authors. I had never heard of her. She is one of my favorite now too. I bought several others too from a book club that I have yet to read. One Tuesday Morning, Beyond Tuesday Morning, Divine. Then I want to read the Redemption series and then all the rest too! She is addicting. Great God inspired stories. She surely is a gift from God.

Miss Paula said...

Good Morning Daisy

I read this also!! Yes I agree a tear jerker. This book got passed around our little book club and some of the ladies were taking a couple of days to recover!!

I have the newest Baxter book in my possesion and will read this after the latest Dee Henderson one I am currently reading...

Maggie said...

I love picturing your sick day!

That was so cute!

I'm just getting my first glimpse of Anne Lammont this week.
"Traveling Mercies". God can reveal himself to anyone, anywhere.