Wednesday, May 9, 2007

who's going to go?

It's the same question again...who's going home tonight on American Idol? I thought Jordin really stepped up to the plate last night. The judges complained about her being "pitchy" on her last song--I didn't hear it. I loved both of her songs. And Malinda was the other strong one for me. I'm thinking she is going to be the one this year.

I wanted Blake to do really well--he's contemporary, he's cool, and I like his style of singing. But I thought his songs were a little weaker than usual. Lakisha is good with her vocals, but I didn't feel the connection so much. I love it when a singer makes an investment in the song...meaning that I can tell that it's real for them when they are singing it.

Waiting for tonight with bated breath...

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