Thursday, May 17, 2007

you've got to be kidding me (sour grapes)

I didn't watch AI this week on Tuesday. I had class, so the troops at home recorded it for me. It was too late to watch it Tuesday night, so I thought I would watch it Wednesday night just before the show, and then I could watch the results show immediately after. Well, we had to go run an errand on Wednesday, so we recorded the results show, too. Then it was too late Wednesday when we got home, so I was going to wait till Thursday. Oh, no, wait. Class on Thursday night again, so it was going to be pushed off till Friday. I tried not to know who got kicked off, but in the end, a headline jumped out at me when I was surfing, and I had to read the article.

Malinda is gone???? Oh, no! Say it's not so!

Phooey! It's a sad state of affairs when the woman who doesn't hit a wrong note gets booted off the show in favor of younger performers...I've been reading today about how "stars" must be sexy to be competitive. I read articles that said how Malinda was too matronly. How LaKisha was too big. How 95% of the top singers today are tall, model-like, and voluptuous, and they have to have that "it" factor (translate that to young and sexy). No matter that they may not have as much talent as the person who gets turned down because their looks don't cut the mustard in some way. Not to sound like a bunch of sour grapes, because Jordin and Blake are definitely talented. Okay, maybe I am whining, because I really wanted her to win.

I know that maybe people thought she was safe so they voted for their favorite out of the other two, and that could have had an impact. Seriously, people. What WERE you thinking?

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