Monday, June 25, 2007

clearing out space

I'm in the clearing and whining stages of my PMS. I get to a certain point, and I cannot stand the clutter that invariably builds up each week. I almost can't stand myself. I took almost all my books back to the library. I'm so disgusted.

Why do I keep these doggone things hanging around taking up space, anyway? I just have to keep moving them around. If I don't keep them moving, they start to settle to the bottom of one of the many black holes that keep springing up here like so many dandelions! Then I end up paying for lost books. And then I just have to take them back to get a refund when they finally surface again. What a huge waste of time and energy.

I'm feeling sorry for myself—can ya tell?! I just wanna whine and fuss. Why do I even bother trying to read? I get no time to read. I'd love a porch with a swing and cushy pillows (and a BIG Kleenex box) so I could pass the days away reading great books. But why have one? I'd never get to read anyway. Every time I try to pick up a book, someone insists on talking to me! It's like some strange type of reading radar disease.

Oddly enough, we had it at my house growing up, too! I remember my mom saying that she was going to give up reading and writing completely. "I could sit here on the couch all day," she'd fume, "and no one would have a word to say. Just let me pick up a book, though, or a pen and paper, and the whole world turns into one big chatterbox." Oh, and the last thing she would always say would be, "I give UP!" And slam! she'd shut the book. And bang! put it on the table. My brother and I would swiff! — out of the room and head for safety.

Now I see echoes of the past here. Now I'm the one slamming the book shut. My kids are doing the disappearing act when I get fed up. Genetics are so unique. Right along with the blue eyes and Type A positive blood, we're passing down reading radar diseases and guilt skills! Some things just never change. I think there's something reassuring about that.

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Miss Paula said...

Oh Dear Daisy!!!! What truth there is to your post!!! Just like the one will want you UNTIL you get on the phone..."HELLO, DO YOU NOT SEE I AM ON THE PHONE?" There response is "Oh!"

Susanna Wesley would throw her apron up over her head to pray and the children knew to leave her alone. I don't know if there are enough aprons to go around!!!