Tuesday, June 26, 2007

free is not always free

I am a sucker for anything free. We could be driving down the road and suddenly I'll be going, "Hey! Hon! Right there. Pull over, quick!" I've probably spotted something on the side of the road with a "FREE" sign. Usually he keeps driving unless I see it way ahead of time so he has lots of warning and can change lanes and such. Actually, I'm pretty sure that I'd lose him at "Hey!" If we were in a cartoon, the minute I said Hey, the ends of his fingers would be popping off his hands as his adrenaline kicked in. I do that to him all the time. I have a grand idea as we're driving, and it's, "Oh, honey!" That's all it takes. He goes into panic mode as he's looking for some little kid or a baby squirrel running out in front of us. I think I need to learn to communicate in a non-excited manner when we're in the car.

Anyway, I've picked up numerous "free" things as we're out and about--useful things, mind you! Unfortunately we don't usually end up using them and they end up in the trusty firepit in the back yard. *sigh* I'm a slow learner.

My most recent free find was when I stopped at a garage sale and there was one of those fun-looking colorful hamster cages at the end of the driveway with a FREE sign. I was so excited. I thought that it might be an appropriate time for a small pet for the girls, particularly E-girl. She was especially attached to poor Otis who, for new readers, was our big, black dog who met his demise recently. It seemed like a perfect panacea. How much could one small rodent cost? It would stay in the cage, not eat much, and entertain the girls.

I brought it home, ran it by my honey, and soon, we were off and running to the pet store! Well, the day we were going to get it, we had decided to get two of them, one for each girl. My cost had just doubled. So I"m thinking, maybe fifteen or possibly twenty dollars at the most. By the time we left the pet store, with bedding, food, dishes, and toys, we were singing to the tune of fifty-seven dollars and some odd cents! Ai yi yi. When will I ever learn?!

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d.t.x. said...

But they are cute little guys. They are quite the interesting little creatures also. Daredevils.