Friday, June 29, 2007

it was a fabulous Friday

I took today off work and had a relaxing, do-nothing day. I spent the morning out in the garden and watched the parade go by. The squirrels and chipmunks took turns digging in the sunflower seed feeder, and three rabbits played Follow the Leader, running circles around the front yard. The birds took turns at the water...there were chickadees, rose-breasted grosbeaks (momma, daddy and a baby), brown thrashers, orioles, robins, goldfinches, bluejays, grackles, sparrows, and cardinals. I think there were a few more, but I can't remember them. That is one of the fringe benefits of a prairie flower cottage-style garden. The critters love it.

It's amazing. You can almost set your clock by the times that the birds and animals show up to the feeders and the water every day. They take turns, coming to drink and bathe in an orderly fashion, not descending on it all at once in chaos. It's reassuring to see the order in the natural world and to be reminded of how the God of the universe keeps things happening as they should.

When I get disconnected from God, my Source of all things, I start to feel all discombobulated. If all I do is run from home to work to home to this place and that, then fall exhausted into sleep, only to fly out of bed again in the morning to start it again, I start to unravel. My center disintegrates. When I take the time to just sit outside and allow nature to reveal its intricate design, reminding me of how it was created through the sheer genius of God, I become refreshed and my hope is restored. I remember that God is the one in charge, and I don't have to be. What a grand thing to be reminded of on this fabulous Friday!

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