Friday, June 1, 2007

it's finally Friday!!

Whew! I've almost made it through another week! Almost is the key word here. It's my honey's birthday today, and we were both a little crabby this morning. I was a little on the snappy side. Not what a person wants to do on their favorite person's birthday, you know? I did some serious talking to God about my attitude, let me tell you! Because I definitely had one. It was an "I wanna stay home in bed, not go to work" morning for me.

So I've been trying to act "as if" I'm in a good mood — putting on my positive attitude for the day. I even got a nice visual of how to do it. At the front desk this morning, a couple walked in and the guy was just being a poop to her. He was deliberately trying to embarrass her by talking loudly and saying things like, "You need to check yourself. You just need to go back home, talking like that." He just kept talking junk to her. And she, bless her, modeled a perfect example of grace for me today. She didn't raise her voice, she kept her composure, she behaved with dignity and just did what she was here to do. She just humored him and did her thing. She didn't get all snappy and irritated like I for sure would have. I was looking around for a brick to throw at him. She just treated him like nothing was happening, no big deal. He looked like a big buffoon, and she looked like she had total peace. I'm going to let that sink in today.

I'll even try to think of things that will cheer me up. Okay, I have lots of things to be in a good mood about. We get to go to a beautiful wedding tonight. There's a nice dinner and dance at the reception...not that we'll do much dancing with my honey's arthritis kicking in, but it's still fun to watch. We have several friends who have children graduating this year and we get to go celebrate with them this weekend, too. How fun is that?!

We'll get to squeeze some time in this weekend playing in the garden again...we have some annuals to plant. We have marigolds, dahlias, zinnias, geraniums and New Zealand impatiens--I'm getting all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about them! My honey got a nice dark pink peony for his birthday, and that's in the ground already! It's got one nice big bud on it that looks like it will open soon. Next year I hope it has a big ol' bunch of blooms!

I'm trying to figure out what the heck my twin said to me yesterday that had me laughing so hard. I wanted to tell my honey, and by the time class was over and he picked me up, I forgot!! That is the sucky part of getting old(er). I thought I was going to choke from laughing, and I was trying to be quiet about it because there was someone across the hall talking on the phone to a client. And then, later, even though it was that funny, I couldn't even remember what it was.

Oh! I read the funniest posts about the worst date ever. Check it out at Presbyterian Gal. Actually there are three chapters to this date, it was that bad. But it was funny the way she told it! I left a comment and told her my -- oh, phooey! I tried to use the right abbreviation for best friends forever (BFF) and I put BF which I think usually means boyfriend. I thought it looked funny when I wrote it. Aauugghhh!!!

Oh well. Got that out of my system now. I should have just said twin. Yes, my boyfriend, Beth. Some days every step I take just sucks me in deeper! Now I'm causing trouble in her life, too! Just kidding. I am such a dork. I absolutely know that my G-girl would be rolling her eyes right now. Anyway, I told Presbyterian Gal that my BF Beth always says never to waste the material that life gives you. Make someone laugh with it instead. And indeed, Beth does that very well. You know, I think she should be the next host on The View now that Rosie is gone. Beth is way funnier than Rosie. I wonder how I can submit her name.

Gotta go before I figure out that I didn't wear underwear to work or something! (I did! That was just an example. That's a story for a different day.) I hope you got to laugh at me--no, I mean with me, today. :)


Presbyterian Gal said...

Hey Daisy,
It was a head scratcher there for a moment with the BF Beth, but I did finally figure it out!

Thanks for visiting and thank you for the link!

Presbyterian Gal said...

And P.S.

You have an amazing blogsite. It's really beautiful.

daisyaday said...

Thank you! I have to give lots of credit to Maggie at, whose artistic eye directed many of the changes I've made recently.