Friday, June 8, 2007

once again, it's finally (favorable) Friday

You thought I was going to whine again? Not today—I'm choosing a positive attitude. Many bloggers write a thankful Thursday post; well, I'm determined to find the favor in this Friday.

● I start work early, which means I'm getting out early.

● Tomorrow is Saturday so I can shut off the phone and sleep in.

● I had time to walk my Augie-doggie and make coffee this morning.

● I get to go to a baby shower tomorrow for my very dear niece, who thought she would not have any more babies. She's having a long-hoped-for boy!

● I get to plant flowers with my twin this weekend. (In our Stacking Pots--look out for us gadget girls.) Flowers and friends. It doesn't get much better than that!

● We have scrapbooking planned for this weekend, too! We're making Bling Ring books--doesn't that sound like fun?

● It rained last night, which means that all the flowers got watered in one fell swoop.

● It's a cool day today, but it looks like it is going to be sunny. My idea of a perfect kind of day.

● I only have ten weeks left in my summer job. (Wait. Is that backwards whining?)

● I am the chosen child of an awesome God who is infinitely bigger than all of my problems put together! Hurray!

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