Wednesday, June 6, 2007

a productive evening in the garden

Before the daylight was gone last night, I got a couple of dozen annuals put into the ground. Slowly but surely the empty spaces are getting filled. Every time I get some more plants planted, I sit back and take time to envision what they are going to look like when they have matured. They look pretty spindly and scrawny right now, but with some water, fertilizer and TLC, they will be spectactular. There's nothing like a nice drift of marigolds along the sidewalk, some zinnias popping their bushy, colorful heads out of the greenery, and some dwarf dahlias adorning the edge of the path that winds from the driveway up to the house.

A picture says a thousand words. I was going to post a couple of them here, but when I took my camera with me today, I left the memory card in my PC at home. You'll just have to use your imaginations until I can get them on here. :) It's a good thing I took pictures of them right away because my honey went after them and nipped off the flower tops. He insists that it makes them put out twice as many flowers. They just look a little bare for a while.

Okay—I have one picture posted here, now. In a few weeks, they'll be outstanding. (I hope!)

I accomplished absolutely no weeding yet because I had to get the poor babies in the ground. I discovered that their little roots were wrapped around the outside of the dirt about six hundred times. It's like going out to a Chinese buffet, eating too much, and having to come home and put on your comfortable clothes so you can breathe. I had to take them out of their too-tight little pots, loosen their roots, and put them in the ground so they could expand. They're very happy, now!

We found the cutest "critters" at the local greenhouse. They're called "Portlies" and they look like they've been overstuffed. Somehow he got this one that looks like a giant bumblebee to stick up out of the coreopsis...I want to name it but haven't come up with the right moniker yet. He likes to hide them so they surprise you when you are at just the right angle to catch a glimpse of them. He's such a creative man. You know how they always used to say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? He knows that the way to my heart is through my garden! Gotta love that man.

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