Sunday, June 10, 2007

Satisfied Sunday

Oh, it was a beautiful day from start to finish! We started off the day with a visit to the first "real" church that I had attended regularly in the past—and, it's now called Real Life Community Church! Is that a happy coincidence or what? The associate pastor is going to be helping another church plant get going, so it was his last Sunday at RLCC.

Let me explain that a little better if I may...this is the first church I attended after I left the church of my childhood. There was a break in between there of about nine years, during which I had given up on finding another church. For a while, I had even given up on God. Fortunately, God hadn't given up on me! This church is a place with so many great memories. I was saved when we were attending this church. Almost our whole family was baptized here. We saw lots of friends today whom we hadn't seen for a was so fun! My twin came with. We had a sleepover at my house last night. I felt like a kid again!

After church, we went to Lowe's and bought flowers for our Stacking Pots. Hers was looking quite spectactular when she got done. She has a great eye for color and design. I like mine, too, but hers are extra pretty. I have petunias, violas, and impatiens in mine. She has the additional added attraction of hot pink vincas and liriope. When they fill in a little, I'll post pictures.

My honey was so sweet. He did all the dishes and laundry this weekend. I am so spoiled. If he's not careful, there's going to be a rotten smell from my side of the room if he spoils me too much. I so appreciate him.

We had homemade Mandarin Asian Chicken Salads, and they were pretty tasty. My honey called them girl food, and he might be right because the boys showed no interest in them whatsoever. Some of the girls came up and scrapbooked with us in the afternoon after we bought the plants, and we saved the planting for the evening when it had started to cool off. It was a day like summer days ought to be.

But like all good things, my day has come to an end. The girls and my twin had to go home. It's time to put the toys away, to balance the checkbook, and to get ready for a new workday. (groan...) I feel a definite lack of enthusiasm at that thought, although the sweet memories from today ease the sting.

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