Friday, July 27, 2007

anchors aweigh, friends!

It's been a rollercoaster day getting here, let me tell ya! It started last night already, when I was trying to get meal lists straight for when I was gone, and getting other stuff done, like laundry, and having to put the fan going on the clothes that I don't dare put in the dryer so they'd be dry today. I was finishing my list on the computer and heard the lock snick and the front door opening. R-man was home from his second shift job...I said, "Either you're home quite early, or I'm up waaaay too late!" It was 3 am. Oh, my goodness. Off to brush my teeth and fall into bed.

I woke up when the kids were leaving for work at 5 am, but promptly went back to bed. I woke up around 9 am and I thought, "Oh! I have to get moving!" Then I thought, "Wait. If I'm going with my twin, she's not going to be ready either." Guess who called and said she was going to be a couple hours. Uh huh... She was worried that I was going to be mad. I just had to ask her. "Did you think I'd actually be ready? Do you remember who you're talking to?" Oh, yeah. Everyone just laughs and shakes their head every time we find something else we have in common. There's just too many to list. It's almost getting creepy.

So anyway, we finally got going out the door, not at 11 am, not at 1 pm, or even at 3 pm, no, it was about 4 pm. We were about ten minutes out, just getting gas at Holiday when the phone rang and it was my honey. "Uh, dear? Did you mean to take the pillow you had laid on the end of the bed?" Oh, no! Are you kidding me?? I love my Select Comfort memory foam pillow. I have a hard time sleeping without it, so, yeah! I did want it but I didn't want to go back. My sweet man said he would bring it to me! I know I drive him crazy, but he plays catch-up for me all the time anyway.

I was so excited that he was coming to bring my pillow that I just got all flustered. I was coming out of Holiday and was almost to the car when I vaguely noticed that the clerk was shouting through the loudspeaker, "Ma'am? Ma'am! You left your tea and your mug on the counter!" I looked down at my empty hands and realized that she was talking to me! It was almost as bad as having to walk back in there naked with the way people were staring at me. Oh yes! I wear my frazzled brain out on my sleeve, right out there in the open where anyone can see! A little humiliating, but I got over it.

So we got our fabulous matching 64 oz. beverage mugs settled (yes, my twin has one just like the one I bought at Holiday that she brought from home, uh huh), and I started driving out of the parking lot. I decided that the traffic was too bad at the exit closest to me, and I knew I would never get through. So I made a sharp turn to the right to go out of the back side of the parking lot. There was less traffic on the street there--I could see that there were very few cars. I eased through the space between the gas pumps and headed for the ... curb! Yes, that's right. There was no exit there. So the crazy woman who forgot everything she bought right on the counter and had to march back in there past the long line of people giving her knowing looks to get her things, has now just tried to drive over the curb and through the shrubs. Verrry nice move, there.

I made a quick right turn, not quite squealing the tires, and made for the exit on the corner of the lot, when I realized that it said, NO EXIT HERE. It was too close to the intersection. "What does this mean?" I thought, as I nearly got into a collision with an incoming Jeep. I did another abrupt right turn, not as smooth as the one before, and I drove right back to the exit where I began. I made a point of not looking at the drivers staring at me as they filled up their gas tanks. At this rate, it would take us till midnight to get to our destination. "What took you so long?" "Well, I'm not sure, but I think it was the part where we were doing endless circles in the Holiday parking lot!" We laughed hysterically and ignored the poor saps who were just going home from work, and who were not on their way to an awesome girlie weekend to have fun!

We finally got over to get a Mocha Joe at BK, and by the time we had gone through the drive-thru, my honey got there with my lovely, favorite, comfy pillow. I didn't know heroes came in white minivans!

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Miss Paula said...

I can't find where to comment on your first post. But two friends and I are starting a journal like Jewels!!

I thought I would tag you with a meme, if you would like to participate! If you prefer not to, then that's fine too! This was my first time. But I don't know how to link it back to me. I am learning all as I go!!