Sunday, July 1, 2007

another teenager disappears -- a frightening statistic

Okay, I just want to say that one more of the kids has crossed the line from a teenager to a twenty-something! L-man is officially twenty today! Augghhh! They're getting away! LOL. The only teenagers left in the house are the girls.

I swing back and forth between delight, seeing them grow up into responsible, wonderful adults, and nostalgia, remembering how adorable (and frustrating) they could be when they were little.

L-boy was the just the cutest thing, all eyes and serious face...I remember that when he was little (about a year old), my mom would come and visit, and every time I turned around, she had him in the high chair, feeding him because she thought he was too skinny! If she wasn't feeding him ice cream, it was cream of wheat with lots of butter (but not too much sugar).

He was (and still is) the one who would tell you exactly what he thought, whether the opinion he held was a popular one or not. I still remember when he was in kindergarten. He was riding the bus home, and he told this kid who he didn't like, "You sure are a stupid kid." Is it bad to admit that I had to cover my mouth because I wanted to laugh? Because I didn't like that kid either. Sometimes kids just spit out the truths that adults want to say but can't.

But I still had to have a conversation with him about what things are appropriate to say, and how people's feelings get hurt; even so, he would never compromise the truth by telling white lies. He learned how to not say anything if he couldn't say anything nice, but if someone asked him for his opinion, he'd give them the unvarnished truth, warts and all!

He had the most energy of all of the kids, and he could make us all laugh till we fell off of our chairs, just by the funny way he told a story or acted out a situation. That boy could "what-if" you to death!

I remember that he was always determined to tag along with his older brothers whether they wanted him with them or not. Half the time, he would come home madder than hops or crying because they had ditched him or teased him once too many times. Regardless, he was just NOT willing to be ignored. If they didn't pay attention to him, he would simply harass the daylights out of them until they got so mad that they would chase him around the yard. He, of course, would start laughing so hard he could hardly run. He'd fall down on the ground, at which point the boys would pounce on him and try to pound the mess out of him. He'd yell for us, and the two boys would get in trouble for picking on him. There's no justice, is there?!

Fortunately, all the boys get along now that they are older. It does a mother's heart good to see that, you know? And he is growing into an awesome young man. Happy birthday, L-man! Love ya big bunches.

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